Transport back to States - end of Israel/Petra Tour

We are set for this tour in March. We are leaving from Amman, very early morning flight back to the states, 1:45am, something like that. Have to admit a little nervous about the Jordan leg. Has anyone done this, stay over and transport to the airport for the flight? Was there a Tauck rep along to ensure that transfer to the airport goes smoothly? Flying back on United. Also, how safe is Amman to be walking around in? Never been to the middle east before. Thanks


  • When we went last March 2022, we had a flight departure of 3:25am to the States. After Petra we drove to Amman and had a room in the Rotunda in Amman. I must confess, given the departure time next morning we just rested in the hotel and didn't venture out. Had dinner and hung out till our Midnight departure time for the airport. A Tauck rep accompanied us on the bus, through check in at the Airline desk and stayed with us all the way to exit passport control. It was flawless and painless, the usual Tauck way.

  • We are going in March too, we are not worried about going to the airport.
    Have you traveled with Tauck before?

  • Never been on a tour before, we usually just rent a car and go, but this part of the world is a bit different so tour was the best choice.

  • Braves10. Tauck is an excellent company, we have been traveling with them for 20 years
    Read all your paperwork very carefully. You will see that on arrival, a Tauck rep will meet you BEFORE you go through immigration which is unusual. Also make sure you have the emergency numbers available in case you can’t spot the rep etc. At the end of the tour, the tour directors always makes sure everyone has rides to the airport at appropriate times as as rwilso mentions, it looks as if extra extra precautions and procedures are taken to get you safely to your flight.
    What date is your tour? Many people say this is one of the favorite tours that Tauck do

  • Braves10 - we took this wonderful tour in May of 2022. Our Lufthansa flight from Amman departed around 3:00
    a.m. Rides to the airport were staggered depending on flight times. Four of us went in two cars and were met by a local rep. It was very smooth, and there is a nice lounge area.
    We also did not walk around the hotel area. The hotel is nice. We used our time to clean up, have a leisurely dinner and rest/nap. Enjoy!

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    Braves10, I think you might mean that you are staying on in Amman. If you are staying in the Tauck hotel for extra days, then the transport details are the same.

  • My flight home from Amman was at about 2 AM and there were no issues. You'll find those wee hours flights common leaving the Middle East, so they can land in European gateway cities in time for connecting flights.

  • We flew out of Amman very early in the morning on a flight to Tel Aviv. Then from Tel Aviv to the US. No problems except for the lack of sleep that night.

  • Thanks all for the info and insight. Looking forward to it all

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    I was on the same tour as Lotusgirl. My husband felt safe walking three blocks to a pharmacy near the Amman Rotana. There's a mall near the hotel and some high-end shops in the area too.

    Our early morning United flight was delayed 12 hrs., so we ended up having to spend the night. Tauck provided the car to get us to the airport the next morning, but there was no rep to meet us once we arrived at the airport.

  • I had the same questions, my flight leaves in the wee hours as well. Good to know we will be taken care of, esp. since I will be traveling solo in May.

  • I did this trip a few years ago solo also. You’ll probably be with a number of fellow Tauck travelers going to the airport at the same time. There was a number of us flying back to Frankfurt and then connecting to our home airports. TheAmman airport is very modern and clean. I loved this trip. Food was fabulous and the history is just incredible. Enjoy!

  • We will be in Jordan in a few weeks. It’s good to know that Amman airport sounds nicer than the shabby, Philly airport we return home to where we can often wait an hour for our bags.

  • We arrived late afternoon, so it was dark when we drove to the airport about midnight. The city looks very new, highways well lit. I wished I had stayed to take in this beautiful city. Jordan wants tourists. Now, driving from Israel into Jordan is quite another experience. Trash everywhere. In 2018 when I was there, we were told the country was on an anti litter campaign- hopefully it’s working. Let me know. Have a great trip.

  • Just FYI -- I'm flying back to the states from Petra through Cairo (and from there, on Air France through Paris). The first leg of the flight is on Royal Jordanian. I was planning to travel with only 2 carry-ons in business class. Over the weekend, I learned that Royal Jordanian allows 2 carry-ons in business except on Embraers -- and its flights from AMM to CAI are all on Embraers. So, looks like I'll have to check one of them on the way home.

  • Good luck, MCD. Cairo is where my bag disappeared for a month!

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