Water bottle

Wondering if Tauck will issue us reusable water bottles for the trip or if I should bring my own.



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    Tauck will supply water bottles for each guest.

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    The ones we got several years ago were aluminum, but only single-walled, so the water warmed quickly. If that is a concern to you, bring your own double-walled, insulated, water bottle.

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    My basement is full of Tauck water bottles. I have never known them not supply them even though they always appear on their generic packing list. We’ve made the mistake of taking our own to discover Tauck give us them anyway. If they supply plastic water bottles, we use those as they are much lighter to carry. We don’t feel guilty about that as we rarely buy or use plastic water bottles at home. Sometimes we end up with more than one reusable water bottle on the same tour from some of the places Tauck take us to.! And so,Erika’s we feel of we don’t take them the companies are offended we won’t be advertising them. We wonder how much all the stainless steel we own is worth.

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    The ones they've been giving on the river cruises are nice and I think insulated. They don't have anyway to hook to your belt or backpack but there are some aftermarket gadgets you can buy or just shove it in your daypack.

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