The Reluctant Traveler

I am binge watching The Reluctant Traveller on Apple TV with the comedy actor, Eugene Levy. If you enjoy his sense of humor you will be laughing and falling off your chair watching this series with his around the world travel adventures. It is funny, entertaining and enjoyable.


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    We also have watched the Reluctant Traveler and recommend it. The South Africa episode reminded us of our South Africa an Elegant Adventure with Tauck in Nov. 2019, and brought back fond memories.

  • Love the show! Each countries/cities he visited (Lisbon, Tokyo, South Africa, Costa Rico) brought back so memories. And reignited my joy of travel. Quite envious of those hotels!!

  • Nancy, that is so funny. Those hotels are from another dimension, spectacular in every regard and definitely not in my budget. I can just dream.

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