Rhine River Water Levels

We cancelled this trip in 2020 due to covid. Having missed out on seeing the Jungfraujoch in the seventies (because it was fogged in) I want another chance to see it. But, I'm concerned about the lack of snow/rain in Europe.

Has anyone been on a Tauck tour when the riverboat couldn't continue due to lack of water? I called Tauck and they said there would be contingency plans. It sounds like there would be transfers with people and luggage between north and south bound cruises. How disruptive would that be? I wonder if scheduled visits to a place of interest would not happen or the allotted time would be severely limited.

I'm thinking of an August cruise this year but water levels would probably be worse at the end of summer. Any help on the feasibility of this trip is appreciated. Thanks.


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    I would avoid August for more reasons than just water levels. An early summer, June would be the best chance of correct water levels

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    edited March 2023

    Tauck is not a stranger to river interruptions. They pretty seamlessly transfer people to a different boat on the opposite side of the obstruction which can be low water, high water, damaged bridge or locks, etc.) and usually do it when you are on a coach land excursion so you don't lose valuable touring time. You'll find your luggage already in your new cabin when you reach the new boat.

    You can't predict what will happen due to weather much beyond a few weeks. The river boats only need a few inches to operate and just a little amount of rain in the river watershed is all that is needed.

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    Early Spring or late Fall or even the Xmas Market time would be your best bet, but there are NO guarantees even then. We have had an issue once with low water levels on the Danube - we had to get on a MotorCoach from Budapest to Vienna - we missed one or two nights on the boat - it didn't affect the trip at all - if anything, they went above and beyond to even make it better - the hotel was top notch, more surprises along the way. We've done several river cruises since then and will continue to (we have the cruise you mentioned up above booked for April 2024 and a Christmas Market Cruise this Dec).

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    Thanks, everyone. Your input helps and gives me more confidence in booking. We've always taken May and September vacations. We may rethink this and decide to celebrate a significant birthday a month late to avoid the summer crowds.

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    I forgot to mention, British - June would be a better time but we are going to be in Italy the last half of May - and also finally was successful in getting tickets to the Vermeer exhibit in Amsterdam. So, June will be a stay at home and work in the garden month.

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    Awesome you got tickets for Vermeer! So you must be a gardening nerd like me 😀.
    We have four big tours this year and hoping to persuade Mr B to book one more when we get back from the next trip, life is too uncertain to wait to travel, we all missed out these past couple of years. As someone famous once said, May your last check bounce! Or better still….if you don’t fly business class, your kids will!

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    The Moores: I’m on the May 1, N//B trip. I too have your concerns about water. It’s all about the trip and good company that will make for a great tour. Hoping for good water levels. But after receiving so much positive advice through the forum, I’m just going to trust Tauck. Let them make the calls on water levels, and I’ll focus on having some fun! Hope to see you on the water!

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