Tauck tour in June 2023

Will be on the tour that starts on June 16. Any advice about packing for the time of year in Great Britain? Do me need to bring suit jackets?


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    Per the packing list for the tour - available on the website and your final tour documents - sport coat and tie optional. I've never seen suit jacket mentioned on any Tauck tour.

    We did this tour in Jun/early Jul and had cold wet weather in the north and heat wave in the south. Be prepared for layers so you can adjust as needed.

  • We did this tour 7 - 20 July 2013 - the weather was beautiful with clear blue, sunny skies and not a drop of rain the entire time! Unfortunately, it was too warm a few days, but I wouldn't trade it for the alternative. Bottom line, we are talking about the weather. With global warming, usually reliable weather websites like WeatherSpark aren't as reliable as they once were. Be prepared for any eventuality and follow the general guidelines that recommend layering.

  • Look at the ten day forecast a few days before you go to see the latest trend and adjust last minute packing accordingly. British weather forecasts are often more accurate than US ones.

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