galapagos islands wet landing

with wet landing,how deep is the water? can I roll up my trousers? I don't want to wear shorts while we hike since I am prone to skin cancer(5X) and don't want to have to worry about adding on more sunblock to my legs


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    If you can roll your trousers up above your knee then you would have no problem with the wet landings. People in shorts simply take off their shoes and socks to land.

    Here is an example.

  • Wear long pants and take your shoes and socks off. Try to roll up your pants but if you get them wet, it doesn't much matter. It's fairly warm in the Galapagos.

  • We just returned. Get the pants with the zip off legs and add them on after landing. Also, it is so hot there that you dry off in minutes, unless they are heavy cotton. You need lots of sun protection and bug protection.

  • We are leaving this Friday and my TA suggested water shoes. I don't know if it is necessary but they are now packed in my suitcase.

  • Debi - The temperatures in the Galapagos right now are in the low seventies.  I don't consider this hot but remember that I live in Tucson. However, I am very fair so I need a lot of sun protection.  We seem to be on the same page regarding travel as you have just returned from the Galapagos and then in November we are on the same trip to Morocco.

  • Noreen - Are you packing water shoes strictly for water landings? If so, then I don't see much value, but since they don't weigh much perhaps it doesn't matter one way or the other.

    In the water landings you hop out of the zodiac in shallow water on mostly sandy beaches, walk up on shore, dry your feet off and then put on your walking shoes and socks. I'm pretty sure you don't want to do the shore walks in wet water shoes so you'd want to change shoes. The water shoes would be just for the < 50 foot walk from the water to where you sit to change into your shoes (and the reverse).

    Your call, but I don't recall a single person on our trip using water shoes for the water landings. I did the tour in 2013 so things may have changed.

  • Yes, I agree with Sam, been there twice

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    I used water shoes for the landings- uncomfortable to say the least, because of all the sand that got in them. The only reason I wore them was in case it was a pebble beach or had pebbles in the sand. The bottoms of my feet are very tender! I switched to regular shoes and socks before any walks.

    The water is not deep, especially if you are the Jolly Green Smiling Sam, but between a water depth of 6" - 12" and the soft sand where your feet can sink in several inches, don't be surprised if the water is actually 18" or more high on your legs.

  • I brought water shoes and used them also as my 2nd pair of shoes in case of rainy or muddy days. For the landings they weren't needed. We only had carry-on, so didn't bring much for options. Sturdy sneakers, water shoes and small flats for dinner or on the ship.

  • Back to the pants...

    I wore thin hiking pants that are quick dry. You can roll them up, but you often get splashed while on a zodiac, so having pants that dry easily is a benefit.

    Skip the water shoes. They get sandy and messy and then you have to carry them around once you change into sneakers or hiking boots.

  • Smiling Sam - The only reason I am packing water shoes is because of the wet landings. My TA suggested them as well as Tauck. They were not expensive so it is not a great loss if I don't wear them. Lesson learned! Also, I would like to thank Alan, British, Debi and SGF for your comments.

  • Debi - You mentioned bug protection and we would like to know if Silversea provides it or should we get it before we leave on Friday.   Not much time left!

  • I don't remember any bug issues when we were there. I think sunscreen would be more important.

  • Bring a bug spray, just spray OFF. I believe aerosols aren't allowed on carry on.
    They had some on the hikes, but weren't good at sharing.

  • Real bad mosquitos last week.

  • Debi - Thank you!

  • We took malaria meds for Galapagos.We like to be better safe than sorry.

  • We did not have any bug issues either.Malaria is not endemic in Galapagos as far as I know.Waterlanding is not a big deal if the sea is quiet;if it is windy and there are waves then you can get wet up to the thighs.Waterproof sandals work great but if the landing is on a sandy area bare feet also works well;then you have fairly clean sandals for the beach!

  • We took malaria meds for Galapagos.We like to be better safe than sorry.

    Galapagos is listed as malaria free. The website I found says that there is "no irsk" of malaria in Galapagos. It never occurred to me to take malaria meds when we went there, and there was no mention by Tauck or Silversea of malaria.

  • I asked my husband and he reminded me we took it when we went in 2008 but not when we went in 2018.

  • Mosquitos were pretty bad last week. Bug spray/lotion definitely needed. I usually went barefoot for the wet landing and put my Keen’s on after landing if the hike was over rocks.

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