Arrival at Paris Airport



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    Delta and Croatia are members of different alliances- Delta is "Skyteam," Croatia is "Star Alliance" so it could be tight. Unless you will only have hand baggage or they have a special or "inter-line" luggage agreement, you will likely need to retrieve your bags from Delta and recheck them when you check in for you Croatia flight. You might want to study the Frankfurt airport terminal map so you'll know how far and where you'll need to haul your bags. From our few non-alliance itineraries, knowing what to expect has really helped out. In the old days I wouldn't even think twice about a 1+45 layover. :D Of course we once made the "Kessel Run" (one side of AMS to the other) in less than 12 parsecs (in less than an hour.) :D

  • I agree with Alan. Frankfurt is huge and if your Delta flight is delayed, or lands on the tarmac rather than a jet way, or there's tons of people going through immigration 1.45 hours is really, really tight. Look into Gate to Gate, its worth the money. Especially if your luggage isn't checked all the way through. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

  • Thank you so much Alan and Fran, I don't understand why we have to go through immigration in Frankfurt when I'm only changing planes there. I will look into Gate to Gate.

  • Alan and Fran, I just booked Gate to Gate help, being my myself and considering what you said Alan that I may have to get my luggage, I feel better having that service, again thank you so much.

  • Gladys, the reason your clearing immigration in Frankfurt is that is your point of entry into the EU. I’m happy for you you booked that service. I travel solo too and it is reassuring to have a professional helping you! Enjoy your trip and post a review. Fran

  • Unfortunately I received an email from the company saying they were booked for the time of my arrival so wish me luck. It's funny that I don't remember having to go through immigration when I arrive in Amsterdam as my first entry in the EU or in CDG.
    Wish me luck.

  • Gladys. You have had your fair share of travel issues. You deserve a good travel experience this trip!

  • Thank you British, never been in Frankfurt airport and never traveled with Croatia airlines so we'll see. I'm hoping for the best :D

  • Alan, I'm at the airport, they checked my bag all the way to Dubrovnik thank goodness, now is just dealing with the Frankfurt airport

  • I also have my boarding pass

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    Rock on!! :) Have a great tour! Don't forget a report heavy on photos! :D (hold that iPhone horizontal and you won't have orientation issues! :D

    I believe Delta checks bags through when you fly from Maui to the mainland via Hawaiian Air (non-Skyteam) between Maui and HNL. Croatian Air may have the same arrangement.

  • I’m thinking about you. Anxious to hear about your journey.🙏🤞🏻

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