Malta to Nice in October 2023…traveling solo

I am currently studying the shore excursions to make my selections. Has anyone done this trip or planing it? Thank you


  • I’ve just spent a week in Malta, there is a huge amount of things to see, what are your choices?

  • Sandi Rae….we are on this trip October 1. We are going in to Malta a day early to see Gozo.

  • Gozo was lovely, check out the Blue Grotto

  • We also visited Gozo. One of the sites we visited was the Ggantija Temples. They are reported to be nearly 5,000 years old. There is an interesting interpretive center with several artifacts and diagrams suggesting how the temples might have been built. When we were there it was very hot and there was little shade. If you visit, hats, sunscreen and water would be helpful.

  • Yes we went to several temples. Just amazing. So much to see in Malta.

  • British - did the guide discuss the alternate theory that some of those sites might be 10-12000 years old? There was an interesting documentary on Netflix about that.

  • Yes, maybe, they are certainly older than the pyramids or Stonehenge. They appeal to me more than the pyramids because they are more of a mystery.

  • OooH!!! Your conversation is getting me very excited! We are going to Gozo primarily to visit Ggantija!! My hubby and I are fascinated with very old, mysterious sites. I have been to Stonehenge, Egypt, Easter Island, Peru, Great Wall, Ankgor Wat and others. This is one of our reasons for taking this tour…lots of old mysterious places.

  • BKMD, Will check out that Netflix soon, many shows to catch up on at the moment.
    We split two weeks between Sicily and Malta. Crammed with visits each day with wonderful food. I’ve spent time since in leggings, I dare not try my jeans. Though shorts did fit yesterday. Will try to post some

    highlights to whet appetites

  • British - We're at the same elevationi, but I'm at home :)

    The Netflix show is called "Ancient Apocalypse." Here's an articel about it:

  • The episode specific to the temples at Malta is Sirius Rising (the third episode). Also included a couple of pictures - an artifact in the interpretative center, wall around the temples, and a picture of part of the temple.

  • Great pics! Thank you!

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