We (a couple) travel with Tauck, often with a single friend. We generally select small group tours. Our friend was surprised when looking to book South Africa, An Elegant Adventure, the website indicates that there were very few dates available for singles, while there were many for couples, on both Classic and Small Group tours. Singles pay a premium for their travel, likely related to room occupancy.

When we booked, we told the rep that our friend would be calling to make her own reservation. He added that to our notes and did not tell us of any limitations. The website shows nonavailabilty for singles on most small group and classic tours.

Does anyone know why there would be no availabilty for singles when there are openings for couples?


  • They limit the number of rooms for singles on any given tour. Despite that, I've booked dates that showed no single availability, as they consider me a "VIP" based on the number of tours I've done.. I book thru a travel agent, but I've been told that the first line booking agent at Tauck needs to get an approval from a higher-up to override that limitation. It may help if you tried to book both rooms on the same phone call. I've done that a few times on trips where I've travelled with others.

  • There are a limited number of spots for singles on most trips. Maybe the single supplement doesn't fully cover the overhead cost difference between what Tauck would make by charging for 2 people sharing a room -- not just hotel costs, but coach rental, local guides, featured speakers, etc. Also, it means less in tips for the tour director. It's just one of those things that we solo travelers have to accept if we want to travel.

  • Solution - turn singles into doubles. Let's see BKMD + MCD makes a pair. You could save money!

    Ok, ok it isn't the dating game. Being an engineer I was just looking for a solution to the problem. 😂

  • Tauck’s singles prices are better than other companies. There is one company I know of that does not charge single supplements at all. If I went on one of those tours, we would likely book two rooms next to each other and have a bathroom each, what a great luxury 😂😂😂

  • Oy vey! Yenta - I prefer Solution Provider! :D

  • Another thing to consider is that the status listed on the website for a particular tour is not always accurate. For example, I was looking at the Best of Hawaii tour for this fall and the date showed as "Sold Out" for singles. However, when I called Tauck, the agent told me that there were 2 slots left for single travelers on that tour. Give them a call to confirm; even if the date in question is indeed unavailable for now, your friend can get on a waitlist in case something opens up.

  • I booked as a single for next year on Tanzania, Serengeti to Zanzibar,in October. It also showed no single availability but when I called, I also was told that there were two spots for singles.

  • We must be VIPS! Our single was accomodated with no trouble. Odd the website said no availability. It would discourage people from booking.

  • Sometimes safari lodges charge by the room/ tent, not by the number of people occupying it. I have been quoted full double cost on some of those types of trips while traveling solo. Agree with above that it probably has to do with overhead costs. Perhaps Tauck limits that because of the suppliers in said tours?

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