The National Parks of the Southwest, Spirit of the Desert lodging confusion.

This may sound like a repeat of a similar June '22 thread, but it is not, and least not yet since it is for a 2024 departure.

The bottom line is, depending on the source, the lodging info is conflicting, so much so that I'm not fully convinced information I just got from a reservation sales agent is correct. Here is are the details:

Lodging for Days 1 - 3

Tauck Website, Tour Itinerary: Red Cliffs Lodge [17 mi./24 min. outside Moab, overlooks Colorado River]

Tauck Website, Pricing & Availability (lodging notes pop-up ): Hilton Hoodoo Moab [in town Moab]

Tauck "My Account," Itinerary: Red Cliffs Lodge

Tauck "My Account," Journey/Financial Summary: Hilton Hoodoo Moab

Financial Summary (PDF, link in email): "This tour will spend Nights 1-3 at HILTON HOODOO MOAB instead of Red Cliffs Lodge."

Tauck Reservations Sales Agent" "Hilton Hoodoo Moab

The preponderance of evidence says we will stay at the Hilton Hoodoo, but is that enough to go on if you are planning something extra? So, I called Tauck just to verify. The reservation sales agent said Hilton Hoodoo. Though Red Cliffs is a bit more rustic, we would rather stay there. If we stay at the Hilton, what will replace the "Cowboy Cookout" or available (for a fee) horseback riding? :)


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    Alan S We stayed at the Red Cliff Lodge and yes, it is charming and rustic with alot of history. The Red Cliff Lodge had a fabulous view of the mountains and our room was right on the Colorado River. I hope you end up there. The lodge also had a fabulous museum about the movie producer, John Ford. I"m on the younger side I think from a bunch of you, and that museum was fabulous. We were there in 2021 during the pandemic. This was a wonderful scenic easy trip with breathtaking views every time you turned around. Also, you're going to National Parks and understand that the food concessions in national parks are not Michelin star restaurants. I've never eaten so many hamburger and french fries in my life! If you PM me, I can share my 7 minute video with you on Google Drive.

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    Having been to Moab a bunch of times on my own (about a 5 hour drive for me), not knowing anything about either hotel specifically, I'd prefer Red Cliffs Lodge for its location. The Rte. 128 drive is incredibly scenic. Lots of old western movies were filmed along it. Staying in town will be noisy and crowded with lots of people. It's full of motels, fast food places, etc.

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    When Tauck changes a few things on an itinerary from one year to the next, they quite frequently forget to change everything on the website. I can’t tell you how often this has happened to us and quite frankly it is just sloppy for a high end company.

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    edited June 2023

    The info on the availability/lodging pop-up for 2024 trips here is absurd--it references dates for tours that aren't listed (and may not exist). Be sure to pin down the phone rep when calling on the accommodations. Just booked 9/26/2024 and the rep insisted there are no variations from the standard hotels for this trip. Check and double check.

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    Probably showing the wrong year

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    edited June 2023

    Probably showing the wrong year

    A definite possibility! The website has been known to show different years and even different tours on the same webpage at the same time!!

    You need to be sure both places show the same year and tour. Here are examples I just captured- Screen #1 was captured near the top of the tour webpage. I didn't touch a thing, I just scrolled down for capture #2!! Both images in #3 are a single screen capture- I just selected "Price & Availability." Figure that out!




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