Best airline route

Can some one suggest their experienced airline route to Arusha, Tanzania


  • First time we flew Delta KLM via Amsterdam, not good. Last time Qatar, wonderful

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    We flew KLM via Amsterdam. Very cheap compared to other options.

    That said, you get what you pay for. Having flown Turkish, Qatar, and JAL to other tours they were all better than the KLM experience. It’s all about what your priorities are: comfort, cost, routing, length of travel, etc.

    You need to do what is right for you considering all of the things above and more.

  • We have flown South African Air (Delta) through Nairobi into Arusha. Nice business class, but Nairobi airport is not for the faint of heart. No real aggressive crime, but we have had some items taken out of our checked bags flying though their on two separate safari trips.

  • We have booked business class air with Tauck for our upcoming trip on the Seine plus Paris and London.   We are flying with Delta from Tucson to LA and the KLM to Amsterdam and on to Cork, Ireland.  The return portion is from Paris to Salt Lake City and then back to Tucson on Delta.  I looked into various airlines and Tauck had the best price at $3,718 per person. Qatar and Emirates are the best airlines in the world.

  • We were very satisfied with KLM for our trip to Arusha. We flew Business class. We decided to spend one night in Amsterdam to break up the trip and reduce likelihood of luggage mishap. Route was Chicago to Amsterdam, time for sightseeing in Amsterdam and one night at airport Hotel, then direct flight to Arusha, arrived in the evening.

  • Lotusgirl - Breaking up your trip in Amsterdam, makes the trip to Arusha, in my opinion, 100% less stressful than making a connection in Amsterdam.

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