Day 5 - August

Is anyone else planning to go to Stuttgart that day to see the Mercedes Museum? (there is also a great museum and library in Stuttgart but the boat leaves at 4:30) We are in the process of hiring a driver -either round trip or possibly just from Karlsruhe to Stuttgart and then would take the train back. If you are going by train or have hired a driver I'd love to hear from you. We have one transportation company that we've had good success with. I imagine there are others out there.


  • We are taking this trip in April. When are you going? Is this something you are doing on your own?

  • Hi Terrilynn - We leave next month on the August 14th trip (first time I've ever been to Europe in August but it's a significant birthday for my husband). And - yes, we are doing it on our own. Husband 's birthday is on day 5 and he isn't a spa type of guy so we thought we would skip Baden Baden and go to Stuttgart. The museum has rave reviews - even for a non-car person like me - and I've emailed them with some specific questions and received quick and thorough responses.

    If you are interested I can let you know how it went when we get back. BTW: when we were in Munich on another Tauck tour we went on our own to the BMW museum. It was actually a lot of fun and we had a great lunch there.

  • no, I was just curious if you had a different itinerary day than us -- we've been to BadenBaden twice before too, but we wouldn't want to leave the group. Stuttgart is a great town - we love the Xmas Market there too. We are going with friends who have never been to Europe or on a Tauck tour - can't wait for them to experience both.

  • As part of Romantic Germany we visited the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. Excellent! It is both a timeline of Mercedes cars and what was happening in the world at that time. Very well done.

  • Good to know, Alan. We took the Romantic Germany tour in 2013 and Stuttgart wasn't on the tour. I've noticed that the Bellissima Northern Italy tour now skips Mantua, which we loved, and instead goes to Modena (we had a very brief balsamic vinegar tasting in Modena).. It's a lesson for me. I've had a habit of clipping Tauck tours and putting them in my travel drawer as possibilities. I think I may have been looking at an old tour when I signed up for this trip. I'm convinced that Sttuttgart was an option. Time to throw away those out of date Tauck itineraries!

  • The Mercedes museum was an option on Day 4 when we stayed at Traube Tonbach

    "Choose between a guided tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart – a treasure trove of historic cars and exhibits that trace the evolution of the legendary automaker, or an interactive cooking lesson at the hotel, with chefs who’ll demonstrate the art of regional delicacies, from Maultaschen to Black Forest Cake. Enjoy time at leisure then join us for dinner at a romantic pudelstein hut in the Black Forest."

    We had lunch in the museum restaurant and arrived back at Traube Tonbach at around 4:00 pm.

    FYI, if your hubby is a car enthusiast, there is also a private BMW museum somewhere in Stuttgart as well. We didn't go there. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the Mercedes Museum.

    And if you brought some spare Euros you can pick up a classic or two:

  • AlanS - How long did it take to get your car delivered from the Mercedes factory? Did you and your wife get different models/colors?

    OK - It's early and I'm still asleep and dreaming. 😂

  • This is the one my wife picked out. Parked across the street from our hotel in Rothenberg is the second car (forgot the brand) she picked up. :D

  • That’s an Audi R8.

  • Wow, Alan! Fabulous photos. I showed them to my husband and he can hardly wait to see those cars. Our Traube Tonbach stay included a visit to Baden Baden rather than Stuttgart. I loved that hotel and while walking outside burst into singing the Sound of Music - the hills are alive.. Such memories!

  • @the moores, I think that my wife and I are on the same cruise you are (Aug 14 departure).

    Interestingly, we tried taking the cruise back in 2020 and it was canceled (multiple times) because of COVID. Back then, I'm pretty sure that on the Baden-Baden day, they had the option to go to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. I had signed up for that back in 2020, and being a car guy, was honestly disappointed to see that it was no longer offered as an excursion in 2023. Since it wasn't offered, I think my wife and I are both scheduled to do the spa instead...

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