Found a laundry mat in Tokyo!

Anyone else going on the trip starting August 31st? We arrive a day early on the 30th arriving after a five night stay in Maui. My husband has been to Japan many times in the past, but this will be my first time. He said doing laundry at the hotel is so super expensive, just get new clothes! lol, I did find one within a 6 minute walk from the Park Hyatt a coin operated laundry mat, I plan to use, since we are at that hotel 4 nights. Still working on other locations and waiting to hear back from Tauck with other recommendations. See everyone soon really looking forward to it! Nancy


  • We don’t plan to do laundry apart from underwear ourselves

  • Hi British, are you on the August 31st tour? Thanks.

  • FYI-I did find all the places I plan to do laundry along the way, easy since the machines takes credit cards and the instructions are in English.

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    Hi Nancy, no not going to Japan with Tauck. My husband used to work a lot there too and I was there twice but a long time ago. He’s busy brushing up on his Japanese every day right now.
    We wanted a far more diverse trip than Tauck offers so we picked a 20 day tour that includes visiting small villages, the monkeys that bathe in the hot springs, things like that. Our tour begins in Tokyo where I haven’t been, but not too interested in that location, we want to see the small places this trip.
    I hope we don’t have to do much laundry,we don’t have to do the dress up stuff that Tauck does.
    Are you still going to Maui after the terrible tragedy there?

  • Tauck has dress up stuff? :)

  • If you ever find me at a laundromat in Tokyo you have permission to shoot me … oops … they don’t have guns.

  • I have to admit hanging around a laundromat is pretty low on my list of activities. However, I found a funny one in Tokyo. There is a young British couple who travel and produce YouTube videos of their adventures - the Travel Beans. They were traveling Japan last winter in the tiniest camper van ever (no no no) and ended up in Tokyo for a couple of days. They filmed a visit to a full service laundromat that included showers, a private room for sleeping or watching movies, and a buffet. If you gotta do laundry and need a shower, that's a pretty good way to do it. The Japanese are pretty ingenious. If you want to watch, here's a link. The laudromat is about 14 minutes into the video.

  • Nancy, could you list the places that you found for laundry? We leave in October. Thanks, D

  • For the short Japan Tauck tour, we would not need to do laundry, maybe wash a couple of pairs of underwear. Our tour is longer, 21 days with arrival one day early. My hubby is like SeaLord, would never want to spend an expensive vacation in launderettes. The Tauck Japan tour doesn’t cover much, you need to get out there and see more in any free time.
    Dbfm, outfits that’s are interchangeable and in a limited number of colors helps.

  • Having been on the Essence of Japan this past April, you may find that you have very little free time to go to laundromats!! I found the pace active and most days very full, with perhaps 1-1.5 hrs between checking in and having dinner! I had hoped on doing laundry with one of the hotels mid tour, and then found out no laundry service on Saturdays or Sundays! I ended up rinsing some of my t shirts and it took forever to dry. Good suggestion to bring underwear for all days and wear some items several times. Another note, hardly anyone really got dressed up for the first night reception nor the last night. Don’t pack too much.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. We are in Honolulu now heading to Japan in 3 days. We had to change our travel plans from vacationing in Maui, how very sad for that community. There are many fundraisers here going on and ways to donate. Our condo here has a washer and dryer we plan to return back here after the Japan trip for a few days to break it up.

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