Last minute details Essence of Japan

We have a few last minute questions that we are hoping the forum can address:
-regarding local currency, are US dollars accepted or should we exchange dollars for yen before we arrive?

  • what cards do Japanese ATMs acceot? Are ATMs the best place to obtain local
    currency? If not, where would the best place(s) be to exchange or obtain local cash?

  • does Tauck provide tipping guidelines for TD/drivers etc? Should tips be in local currency or in US dollars?

  • are sport jackets really necessary?
    We have not yet received any info regarding the tour (our tour begins in early October) so not quite sure of expectations re:above..
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences..


  • Review other Forum posts for Japan. I know BKMD has posted some comments about money exchange, ATMs, credit cards, etc. in previous Japan threads.

    You should be able to find answers to most of your questions by a review of previous posts.

    Final info from Tauck should be available about 6 weeks before departure. If you don’t see it by then, then I’d call Tauck.

  • The yen is really down at the moment, so a great time to visit Japan. When I was there thirty years ago, a small store I bought something from was still using an abacas.
    Tauck provides tipping guidelines for TD’s and drivers. Be aware that the Japanese do not tip. To be given a tip can be like an insult.

  • I'll comment here to save some searching...

    I did this trip in April 2023.
    Best place for ATMs is inside a 7-11. They are everywhere. I used a Wells Fargo ATM card without a problem.
    They don't accept cash USD as payment in Japan. Credit cards are accepted most places. However, American credit cards don't work for buying Japan Rail tickets (I tried both Cap One and Chase Sapphire. Others reported similar). American CCs do work for the Tokyo subway.
    Your e-green book willo give tipping guidelines for the TD. There's no tipping of bus drivers by patrons on this trip . Tipping is generally not done in Japan (restaurants, hotels, etc.)
    Sport jacket is not necessary.
    You will receive you link to you info book about the time final payment is made.

  • Thanks!!! Always appreciate your input!!

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    BKMD and Dbfm - Based on your avatars you two could be related. :D

  • Dbfm has a nicer smile :)

  • I said related, not twins. :D

  • OT: Speaking of abacuses/abaci, I remember not so long ago seeing them being used in herb shops in SF's Chinatown.

  • There is an ATM in the building where your Tokyo hotel is located, too.

  • We are in the October 5 tour, are you?

  • Yes, SherryDawn, we are on the Oct 5 trip! Looking forward to meeting you.. so soon!

  • I am a solo on the Oct 5 trip.

  • We are also on the Oct 5 tour! We arrive the day before

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