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Hello, everyone...
So... as many of you know by now, I'm an advocate for everything "Africa" and it is time to visit Amazing Namibia.
Thrill when Tauck announced it is a new destination for 2024 , I have started to do my homework... and started to see what xtra's I can add to the Tauck itinerary. :) love it.
So, to start here is video with great facts and beautiful Namibian scenery. NHA&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Aug03 Namibia&mkt_tok=OTg3LVJTWC0yMDUAAAGNWzk1MgFg8BVBOCq5N1Ys10hIoTPRAlhPk_Q2ZUaN91ayWO-nUJmHbXeAaVrt7FEKzXSxcNBpEAlEzOfbSmh6eH4J8hDQKl5mvGSdKDF5EeWr

Now, these are the extras, I'm looking at and planning on doing: - A visit to Sandwich Harbour & Desert Air Balloon ride., for now. :)

So, airfare it's all checked and I'm really to book as it opens- just a tip "Emirates" has a great itinerary at a nice $$ for business class.
Other info. I got as I have read over & over the itinerary and called Tauck for more details, it's the arrival time to each new hotel/lodge.
also, the schedule leisure afternoons etc..

What I have found out:

Day 3-
Explore the towering sand Dumes of Sossusvlei.
Xtra activity- could be the Air Balloon ride. which it's not on Tauck's schedule- so, if we want this to be added-" We!" need to let Tauck know our interest on it.
So, let's make this happen. Do tell Tauck if you think it would be a great experience to have.

Day 4-
Fly to coastal Swakopmund where beaches attract local wildlife.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
The Strand Hotel →

Xtra info. lunch will be @ 11:00 am and there is free time after lunch till 7:30 pm for dinner.
So, my idea it's to do the 1/2 day with hotel pick up to The Sandwich Harbour. it's about 5 hours total. It is possible that Tauck would add it, if we express our interest. or it can be also book with Sand Waves Adventures.

Hope this helps someone.

Have a lovely day.


  • Mil, I doubt Tauck will change anything about the tour until the first departures go and they see how it pans out compared to their reconnaissance trips when the tour was planned. We have been on the first or near the first outings on several brand new itineraries and in every case they had to change because it was not working out in reality. When we went to Namibia, a balloon ride was an option but it was never mentioned when we got there. I’m thinking it is a very weather dependent option more prone to not going than going from what I have heard.

  • milmil
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    British Hi.

    I agree with all the above and I know the itinerary it's always subject to change, like on the Bali-Singapore, Day 9- Tauck has already changed some activities ... even though it's not posted on the wed.

    I'm just sharing some ideas for xtra activities that can be done with or without Tauck. I personally after the last trip, have decided to skip if I have to any Tauck activities for the ones that I really want to do, of course time and location permitting.

    Like in Ubud I'm doing water rafting and visiting the Tirta Empul temple instead of the village walk and temple blessing (which I have done before in Vietnam, India etc...

    My friend, you know me... I like to do it all and experience new things-
    But, if we as customers do express to Tauck or any travel company what it would a good add on, a great adventure... they will listen.

    Tauck added the Namibia once they saw the interest for it.

    Have a great evening.

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    Mil, thanks . (LOVED the video link you sent on Namibia) I'm doing 2 back to back African tours. (First time in Africa) First "Elegant" and then Namibia. My choice is United from Newark direct to Capetown (biz class) verses first class on Emirates from St. Louis/ Chicago to Dubai.( Same 8 hour layover as you in Dubai. Leaving at 3:30 AM in morning (YIKES!) for Capetown.)
    Have to decide as to whether the added luxury/comfort/spacious bathrooms/ food on Emirates is worth all those extra hours to get to Capetown. Like you the Return from Windhoek/Johannesburg and layover in Dubai is is shorter flying back to Chicago/St. Louis.

  • Stellie Hi.
    I'm flying Seattle- Dubai (14h.) - 8 hours layover, Dubai-JNB (7h.) 2h layover, JNB-Windhoek 1h.40 min. = 32h. 40min
    coming back Windhoek-JNB 1h 45 min-JNB 1h layover -Dubai 2h. layover -Seattle. = 26h.45min
    It' a little tough going to, but I'll fly business, so not too bad. Plus, I love airplanes.
    Have a lovely day.

  • Mil - The ticket you describe sounds like a >$6.5K ticket.

    I liked it much better when business class tickets were about one-third the cost of a tour vs the one-half that they seem to be running now. To be clear, to get back to those ratios I'd like the airfare to drop, not the tour price to increase! :D

  • I have also discovered to my surprise that even though I booked business class seats, there is also a type of “surcharge” to pay for your seats in advance on some airlines despite the fact you’re already paying business class prices! This has happened on Qatar and on FinnAir. I was surprised and wonder if this is a trend that will be occurring on most airlines.

  • When we fly to Namibia we have Philly to Doha and then Doha to Windhoek. Coming home, we will be on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls, so three flights.

  • milmil
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    $5,022.05 :)

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    mil first class is pricing out at 18, 321.65. business class looks like a bargain.

  • Stellie.... uhmmmmm- keep the secret!

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