Logistics of checking in at each hotel

We are going on our first family tour later this month….Cowboy Country. I was purely curious how check-in at each hotel works on a tour. Does the whole group descend upon the check in desk to individually give credit cards for incidentals and get room keys, or is this all done somehow behind the scenes?


  • Welcome, we've never done an American tour with Tauck, but on the international trips, everyone waits on the bus or in the lobby for a few moments while the TD gets everyone's assignments/keys and then he or she hands them out to everyone. The rooms are all sorted out prior to the group's arrival. It's all very efficient. I imagine the American tours must be the same.

  • While what Wan says is generally true, sometimes you have to wait in line and check in individually. When this is required, the TD usually calls ahead so the staff is standing by to handle it quickly.

  • We returned from the Red Rocks Bridges tour last month. You never have to ‘check-in’ at the desk during a tour, keys are handed out quickly. You might have to go to the front desk later in your own time if it is one of those hotels that require a credit card on file for incidentals. The TD might also for example, in some locations, leave the group at say a museum and then they and the bus driver will drive to the hotel, deposit the luggage and it is taken to the rooms, then they go back and collect the group.

  • Thank you all — sounds like a finely oiled machine all around!

  • Our tour director mentioned that Tauck is "on the hook" for any incidentals that the guests may not pay for. We never had to stand in line to check in with a CC for incidentals. She always checked at the very last minute the next morning while we were boarding the bus to make sure we hadn't forgotten to pay for our beers (please don't ask me how I know...) :#

  • Depends on the hotel. Not often, but I've been on trips with Tauck where presenting a credit card at check-in was required. On other trips, the TD has collected passports to make copies for the hotels.

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