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I made a reservation in February of this year for August 2024. I called up my travel agent agent to ask other questions pertaining to the reservation. I asked for an updated financial statement because I made changes for that specific trip. I've had my travel agent for a good length of time, 20 years plus or minus so there is a good relationship that developed. My travel agent explained to me that the Gift of Time has been discontinued! My travel agent has asked Tauck to honor it and Tauck said that they will do it this time. Plus, the bottom of my financial statement states "special note: 2024 Gift of Time exception has been for for (our reservation number). Gift of Time exceptions will not be granted on future bookings". Has anyone else heard anything about this. Thank you.


  • No, never heard that. Tauck did not always have a Gift of Time.
    Can you call Tauck directly for explanation, even though you have a great agent, maybe they missed a more specific explanation to you. If you changed your reservation even slightly, that might be why, it made it look like a new reservation on the computer system. Maybe a new reservation number that looked like you were past the cut off date for the Gift of time. I’m sure that could be it.
    Tauck do make mistakes and they also record all their conversations. That is why some of us prefer dealing with Tauck directly, because I doubt they will let you hear a conversation that was with your agent.
    Good luck, hope you get the GOT reinstated. Hopefully it was at one of the cheaper hotels that Tauck uses.

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    Yes, the gift of Time was reinstated but they said for the future reservations it would not be! I will personally call and ask about the Gift of Time for the future. My travel agent has many Tauck clients. Now this whole thing puzzles me. She said this is all new post Covid. This was for Africa 2024. To be determined.

  • We, unless it has changed, have a gift of time for Africa Im 2024

  • I just checked, our gift of time shows on our account for all of us, quite a sum. I’m convinced it’s because you altered your reservation and the computer messed it up. Don’t give up!

  • Hi British, I didn’t alter it. I only added a pre day for 4 people “before” the Gift of Time. In other words, I gave Tauck more money.

  • I agree with British. I doubt Tauck would abandon the Gift of Time without communicating their intention first.

  • You are both correct. I will call to confirm. I don’t know why that was written on the bottom of my financial statement.

  • So you did change something, sure that’s it.

  • I currently have 3 trips booked through the end of 2024. The last one (in Dec 2024) was booked in early July 2023 and all have GoT listed.

  • We were given the gift of time for our Douro river cruise in July 2023 and have the gift of time for our 2024 reservation for the Rhine Enchantment tour. Both times when we called to book, we were told they didn’t know if Tauck was going to continue the GOT, but they did both times.

  • I'm sure it was a clerical error. I will call tomorrow. Thank you all.

  • Gift of Time for 2024 was available as long as you booked by 31 July 2023. It was not eliminated after covid. We've taken trips in 2021, 2022 and June 2023 and received it on all of them. The only one we haven't was our tour next month because it was booked 6 months ago when Tauck was offering reduced airfare on certain 2023 tours. Your TA is wrong.

  • What's a "gift of time?"

  • Stellie, it's a bonus that returning Tauck guests get it they book future travel. It's a free night at the pre or post tour hotel. Depends on availability and there is a date by which the tour must be booked to be eligible. As I said before, for 2024 that was the end of July this year. Some years it's been the end of December. Often when Tauck mails their color brochures you'll have a cover letter that mentions this.

  • Thank you Claudia. I've only taken One trip with Tauck (booked 3 others coming up) and wasn't aware.

  • Stellie, you want to call Tauck asap and see if you can add those free days, it adds up to hundred’s of dollars for three tours.. it”s possible it is too late but the agent really should have told you about it, most do.

  • British, THANK YOU!!!!. I just called Tauck, questioned them and found out I get The Cape Grace Pre night stay taken off my bill.

    i never would have known this if you hadn't told me to proceed.


  • 😀And the Cape Grace is one of my favorites hotels!

  • Most agents will ask whether and where you want GoT but it's always good to be pro-active about mentioning it to them. It's also a good time to ask about additional nights at the Tauck hotel(s) that you want but are willing to pay for. They often now don't know the pricing yet but its good to get your request in early. You can always change you mind later before the final tour balance is paid.

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