Huntsman spiders; Grand Australia and New Zealand

I am terrified of big spiders. I read that they are common at the Silky Oaks Lodge. Has anyone had an issue with them in their rooms? I am so worried that I am considering canceling. And please don’t tell me not to worry about them. My phobia is real.


  • When we went to Australia with Tauck some years ago, we were in one location and one of our group pointed to a colorful spider on a web nearby. The TD said, OMG, that is the deadliest spider in Australia, don’t go near it! Tauck did not stay at Silky Oaks back then!

  • Thank you! I am so freaked out! Wish we weren’t staying at silky oaks.

  • I didn’t see any spiders - or snakes for that matter. Silky Oaks is beautiful and so relaxing! It was one of the highlights of the trip for us.

  • I didn't see any spiders at Silky Oaks.

  • Did this trip. Silky Oaks is a beautiful venue. Saw no spiders or snakes

  • We never saw a single spider or snake at Silky Oaks Lodge.

  • Many thanks to everyone for your responses! I am relieved!

  • I did not see any spiders at Silky Oaks. 😇

  • Did this trip in February 2023, Silky Oaks is beautiful and special, never saw a spider or snake.

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