Connecting to the forum from the UK

On a different discussion today with a fellow forum member who resides in the UK, he mentioned he could not post on the forum from there unless he used vpn. I have been unable to sign in on the iPad I keep by my bedside for several weeks. So I thought I would try having the vpn on. Before I did that, I realized that somehow the iPad was trying to connect from the UK website. I tried googling instead of Tauck forums and also deleted the bookmark on my iPad. As soon as I found, I was able to sign in again.
I wonder if any people from the UK could try this and see if it works for them.


  • I don't think so. A friend it the UK has tried everything except VPN and none work. It has been that way since the website and forums went to the new software.

  • I tried logging in on the UK website just now and was successful, but there is no forum!
    Any UK residents who are Tauck customer who are able to at least read this forum somehow, might consider contacting Tauck to ask why they cannot take part in the forum. I have read the general rules for the website there and it mentions use of the forum and app. Who knows, it might just be an oversight. We have been on tours with people who live in the UK. They ought to have the right to post comments. They may also be able to help people with information about places in the UK that Tauck visits.
    We used to have several Australian people on the forum, they gave good information, especially when people asked questions about Australia.

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    David, my friend from the UK saw this post and sent me an email which I am posting with his permission:

    "I read the post on the forum re lack of access from the UK. I have tried on a number of occasions to get access restored - prior to going to Yellowstone with you I had access then it evaporated. Emails to Tauck (UK) resulted in either lukewarm responses or no reply whatsoever and so I eventually gave it up as a waste of effort. As your correspondent has said, there have been items said re UK trips which I felt there was an opportunity to contribute in a +ve manner to correct or add to remarks made, but have been unable to. Have to assume that Tauck don't regard us foreigners as worthy of access! Feel free to quote me as I can't resolve it."

    I suspect it is the same with Taucktourians from down under. I think Jan Durkin dropped off for other reasons but I haven't seen posts from OzJohnno or any of the other Aussies. (fyi, OzJohnno's name comes up in the message recipients list if I type "Oz."

    I doubt the UK and AU Tauck sites have their own forum software or forums so their IT probably can't make changes needed to make it all work.

  • It may be part of keeping spammers off the forum. Unfortunately it results in legitimate customers having access. I have managed to connect from out of country using a saved link but that died in Spain when I got logged out and couldn't log back in.

  • We are currently in Greece on a non Tauck trip. I tried to log on to browse the Tauck forums with an iPad and it defaulted to the UK site where the forums weren’t available. I logged on to a VPN and pointed to a US city and had success. That appears to be the only work around for Brits And Aussies etc. I believe there are several VPN software’s that are inexpensive.

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