Do tourist wear shorts and teeshirts while on the Essence of South America trip or sundresses, skirts and long pants?


  • What time of year are you talking about?

  • LMcNeil - Yes, all of the attire you described were worn on our recent October tour, depending on what you were doing and seeing.

    Shorts or Swimwear and teeshirts were worn at certain times during our Iguazu Falls visit because: it was warm and the water level was so high that walking along the falls in several places was like being immersed in the falls, plus for a period of time we were in a huge, monsoon rain.

    Fancier clothes (dresses, or nice pants and top; slacks and nice shirt) were only worn to a few dinners.

    During normal daytime sightseeing people wore what made them comfortable - shorts or lightweight pants and corresponding tops.

    The tour is kind of four tours in one -

    Rio is spectacular views, sights, etc.

    Iguazu Falls is more adventuresome with the various activities at the falls - helicopter ride, walks on the edges of the falls, boat ride up to the falls, bird sanctuary, etc.

    Buenos Aires is more historical or cultural - history of the Perons, gaucho show, opera house, tango show, etc.

    Chile - is more laid back, mainly at a winery (very little in Santiago) - horseback riding, cooking classes, wine pairing, winery tour (lots of wine drinking)

  • We are traveling in mid January.

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