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For those who have done VCT recently, which website did you use--the $25 Vietnam E-visa website or the $48 MyVietnamVisa website. I'm having difficulty loading my passport data page to Vietnam E-visa website and they also ask for a lot of information. I have no trouble loading photo and passport data page to the MyVietnamVisa website but am concerned that they ask for so little data only entry date/port, nothing about exiting Vietnam. I don't care about the extra $25 so long as I get the visa.

The Vietnam E-visa website keeps telling my file size for passport data page is too large but I have cropped, edited, etc. numerous times with no luck.

Any tips, feedback, or insight you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    voikk32 - The problem with the file size has more to do with the resolution that you are saving the file at vs the physical size of the photo. You need to see how many dots/pixels per inch that the file is being saved at and then resave the file at a lower resolution.

    Some apps pop up and ask how you want to save the photo and then tell you what the file size would be for each possible selection. Choices like original resolution, large, medium, small are typical choices.

    See it you can figure out how to do something like this and see if it helps.

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    Thanks, SmilingSam. I've been doing that already and having no luck. On an iMac

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    I have not had experience with obtaining this visa, but have found that sometimes scanned copies (saved to files) work better than photos.

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    Tried that too, Lotusgirl. Still playing with it. Getting very frustrated. Hope all is well with you.

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    voikk32 - I have an iMac and this is what I do.

    a) open the file in Preview
    b) in the File menu, select the Export... option
    c) in the popup observe the File Size
    d) slide the Quality slider to the left and observe how the File Size is reduced
    e) resave the file with the desired File Size

    This approach has worked for me with Passport photo submission in the past.

    If you've already tried this, sorry, I'm at the end of my suggestions.

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    I think that's what I did, Smiling Sam, and finally got it to upload. I had just uploaded it when your note came in so you must have been communicating with telepathically. That's one of the worst visa applications I've done. But upload and payment were successful. I cannot believe how much information they asked for. I think Tauck should offer some guidelines instead of just referring you to a link which didn't work.

    On to Cambodia which looked a little easier. Thanks for your help.

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    Cambodia took more time to get the eVisa. Hope yours goes quickly.

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    Glad you succeeded. In my opinion, the effort is worth it because I think it is a very diverse and interesting tour. I hope you enjoy it.

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    I hope so too. Gave up on the Cambodia visa for tonight since website indicated they wouldn't process until closer to the date. I can only take so much frustration in any given day.

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    I applied for both visas about 75 days before the trip (just got home yesterday, and woke up 4 AM this morning, ugh). Vietnam processed quickly. Cambodia waited until about 3 weeks before the trip and didn't repsond to email status inquiry.

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    You probably know this, but you can check the status of your Cambodia eVisa application. Make sure you keep your application number because you use that and your email address to check the status. They did come through in lots of time before our trip.

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