Electrical Adaptors / Sports Jackets

We will be on the Essence of Japan trip April 8th.
Do we need special electrical adaptors in order to charge ipads, phones, etc? I have been getting different answers to this question.
And on another topic, should men bring sports jackets? Are they required/ suggested for restaurants?
We will be trying to keep the weight of our l luggage down, but at the same time, my husband wants to make sure he dresses appropriately.
Feedback is appreciated.
We are looking forward to a great trip.


  • Japan is 100 volts, but part of it is 60 Hz and the other part is 50Hz. The plug is the two prong type A plug - essentially the same as used in the USA.

  • No to both questions.

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    Everything the same as the US. We were there last September/ October with another company. Thankfully there was no requirement to dress up and at some hotels you could go to dinner in the lovely provided Yukatas …I’m fact, it was expected to do so in some hotels I’ll try to find a photo of a typical dinner


  • Thanks. The dinner looks lovely.

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    planning to travel to Japan and possibly arrive a day early into Tokyo, any suggestions for hotel stays?

  • HouryYoussoufian - You might get better responses if you create a new thread with a more appropriate title than simply extending a thread that is titled 'Electrical Adaptors / Sports Jackets'.

  • No need for any electrical adapters. Regarding sports jackets, there was no need.

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