Restrictions in Venice

I just read this on the BBC

The effects of overtourism across Italy
Starting this June, tour groups in Venice will be capped at 25 people per group, officials announced in December. And tour leaders will no longer be allowed to use loudspeakers to communicate with their flocks as this "can generate confusion and disturbances". The devices will be banned in the city and on nearby islands, officials said in a statement. And, as part of the new rules, tourists are also asked to no longer pause while traversing the city's bridges.


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    No impact on Tauck? They use the VOX and can easily break Classic size groups into two touring groups, just need two local guides. I’m sure cruise ship hoards will be affected. This is going to be the way of the future which is already in effect in many places. Machu Picchu has restrictions on touring- e.g. no more wandering on your own and possibly daily limits on the number of tourists.

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    Yes, split groups, more expense to employ two guides? Maybe they do it in Venice anyway, never been to Venice with Tauck.

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    I went to Venice with Tauck. When we did a tour with a local tour guide, the group was less than 25. Seems like it would be tough to corral a group larger than that.

    What Venice is trying to do is to restrict groups that do not spend money there. For example, a big cruise ship would come in and the people would flood the place, but they'd often go back to the ship for meals and certainly to spend the night.

    They've now banned big ships, although the ships now dock nearby and tender in to Venice.

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    We did the classic sized Classic Italy tour last Oct and I believe we always had 2 local guides.

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