low water on Moselle...Sept 2015

Any news of low water causing bussing to sights because the water is too low to navigate the river?


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    I can't find anything to suggest that. Have heard of some Danube issues but not much.

    Found a couple of interesting web sites.

    This is site has general river cruise information (not a lot of it so maybe a new site) but it had this handy table that listed all European water levels as of today. Hard to know how accurate.


    This one is a link to a webcam on a German web site at the confluence of the Rhine/Moselle in Koblenz. Will be more interesting to look at when its daytime there.


    I've got til Oct to worry about it so not too focused on it right now.
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    Update On Danube River Water Levels
    UPDATED: August 5, 2015

    In response to the current low water level on the Danube River between Regensburg and Passau, Germany, Uniworld has implemented contingency plans that include revised sailing schedules and, in some cases, moving guests from one vessel to another to allow the cruise programs to continue with minimal delay.
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    Tauck Tim or Emily have posted Tauck Guidelines about water levels in the past if you want to spend some time looking through all the forum, but I would not worry now, I am sure things change on a daily basis and I remember they seem to cope with it in a far better way than other companies. I assume it's something you thought about before you booked this type of vacation, the same as people do who book Caribbean cruises in hurricane season, at least Tauck can put you on a Bus instead and drive you to the sites and put you on anothe boat if necessary. Don't worry!

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