weather between Basel and Amsterdam

My friends and I are on the Basel to Amsterdam cruise leaving Oct.7. I am looking for information about the average temperature on the route so we can pack the appropriate clothing.



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    See the weather tab under the main heading of "Before You Go" for that tour webpage.
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    The weather tab and the packing suggestions will give you a good idea for now when you're planning your wardrobe, then when it gets a day or 2 before departure use the internet to get a 10 day forecast for Basel and Amsterdam. Then you can fine tune your choices.

    Also, read thru all the threads on this forum for river cruises and you'll pick up a lot of good suggestions. Being able to layer and mix/match wardrobe items is really helpful. Also, don't get carried away on dressy outfits. You'll need 1 nice outfit (nice top and pants, skirt or casual dress) to wear for the welcome and farewell dinners, but the rest of the week you can probably wear whatever you spent the day in for dinner. You can always zing it up a bit with a scarf, jewelry item, nice sweater/wrap, change of shoes, etc. Basically, if an item can't be worn more than once seriously consider leaving it at home. Also, try and limit the number of pairs of shoes.

    Have fun, we're heading the other direction the following week and getting pretty excited.
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    Thanks to you all for your comments and suggestions. Since this our first river cruise, we appreciate everything.

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