London Eye, Towere of London and Eiffel Tower tickets

Hi, We will be on the Cruising the Seine plus Versailles, Paris and London tour in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any insight as to whether the tour director helps you get tickets to the London Eye, the Tower of London or the Eiffel Tower? If the tour director doesn't help with getting tickets does anyone have any suggestions as to getting tickets so these attractions can be seen? Any other helpful hints or information about must see sites would also be appreciated.

take care

Jim Motroni


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    Get your tickets online, you may have left it too late. By this time frame, we would have researched all the areas, looking on line and in guide books for the things that interest us. Maybe if you are more specific about your interests, it might help people to answer your questions. Especially for London, it takes weeks to cover the numerous, numerous places to visit and see.
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    I've never had a TD get tickets for me although we did use the hotel concierge in Paris for tickets to the D'orsay. Well worth the effort.

    All 3 of the sights you mention have very nice web sites where you can buy your tickets along with some very helpful information and different ticket options. Examples:

    - the Eiffel tower one will tell you the busiest times, give you ticket prices based on which level you want to go up to.
    - the Eye has several different tickets - there are 3 different Fast Track tickets - specific time to visit, anytime on a specific day, or anytime during a 3 month period - I'd pay extra for the specific day so I didn't have to worry as much about schedules
    - the Tower has reduced prices if you buy online

    If you're sure you want to visit these I'd recommend getting your tickets now online. By the time the TD could help you it may well be too late.
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    Buying tickets ahead of time online is rapidly becoming almost a necessity for many countries and popular tourist attractions. It ensures you will gain entry on the day you desire, saves you from having to stand in what may often be long ticket lines, and guarantees you'll get in at a specific time. The down sides are that it may reduce your flexibility and there is always the possibility that TD may alter the daily schedule. Despite that, it is well worth it in my mind.

    We have purchased tickets online for extra-tour activities on just about every Tauck tour so far. We purchased tickets for Edinburgh activities before we left the US but were able to get tickets for the London Eye the day before. A lot depends on the popularity of the attraction and when you travel. You must look at your schedule and do some careful planning to ensure you have time to get to each site, also.

    We leave for Classic Italy next week and just yesterday I was printing the vouchers I purchased on-line month(s) ago for various car/drivers/guides, entry tickets for Herculaneum and the archaeological museum in Naples; Duomo Museum, Baptistry, Brunelleschi's Dome climb, and Segway tour in Florence; Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc., etc.

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