Men's dress code for the Captains dinner

I was reading the green "documents for your journey" book and on page 15 it says that a Sport coat and tie are "required" for the Captain's dinner on the ship. Can anyone shed any light on this requirement as I was not intending to pack a sport coat. We will be on the June 4th trip.



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    That's strange because on the website for your trip in the Before You Go, What to Pack section it says:

    'Your journey is designed with leisure in mind. Dress for comfort and convenience with a wardrobe that is adaptable and allows for layering. Many days are spent outside or in transit. Therefore, during the day, casual, comfortable, cotton clothing is recommended. Occasionally cool weather will require warmer, layered clothing. For the captain's welcome party festive attire is appropriate. Please note that swimsuits and shorts are considered unsuitable attire at mealtimes."

    and further down on the page:

    "An optional jacket and tie for men"

    I think you've got a great out for not taking a jacket. However, remember that sometimes on deck in the evening you might want a jacket or sweater. It can be cooler/breezier on the water.
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    Yes, I agree that's what the web site says and that was my understanding. I was hoping someone who's been on this trip could verify the mandatory dress code. Travel friends have already bought new sport coats because of this. I would prefer to pack as light as I can.
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    You might do better to call Tauck and ask - especially if no one whose been on it responds soon. It seems they've been making a lot of changes to the website - adding newer information. I've definitely noticed some differences lately especially in the Before You Go sections. Seems like there is a disconnect between the website and the data used to print up the green books.
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    I spoke with Tauck about the "jacket question". It does seem to be optional as far as they're concerned, but many passengers on Le Ponant (not necessarily with Tauck) are European and dress more formally. Should we casual Americans sit together? Anyone else traveling this Sat.?
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    Thanks Sailor67 and others...

    I'll throw in a tie to wear with a long sleeve shirt and that will have to do!!! I gave up the suit and tie stuff 14 years ago when I retired.
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    Could there be different dress code for those with Tauck & those traveling separate our another cruise on Le Lyrial. European's do like to dress up with style. I'm more likely to dress casual. Never shirt & tie, those days are long gone & don't plan on buying a jacket just for this trip.
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    Though I have to admit, I have never taken a cruise on a ship like this or on a huge cruise ship, I think we have to define the term’European’ because many foreign travelers we see in other countries tend to be British and they no longer dress up. They have gone the American way of casualness.
    Last night we had the Welcome reception of our latest Tauck land tour. I do tend to be influenced a little these days by what I read about dress code on this forum, so I brought a couple of dresses to wear for the welcome and farewell dinners. Mr B never brings a jacket, he happens to be one of those men who looks good in a nice formal shirt and that is what he wore. The green booklet and paperwork from the tour director was suggestive of dressing up. Well, guess what, I was the only one in a dress, another woman had a skirt. One man wore a jacket. The rest were in pants, a number wore what i would describe as quite scruffy jeans, one woman wore jeans with the holes in the knees effect. So the answer is, wear what you like. The staff in this elegant hotel treat you just the same anyway, even if they are thinking otherwise.
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    Although we haven't done this trip, we did do a Ponant cruise (New Zealand) last year. Here's some info from what I recall:

    You were encouraged to dress up for the Captain's dinner. However, I don't think that they would turn anyone away for being underdressed. The French (about half the passengers on our cruise) do tend to dress up more than the Americans.

    We were actually seated at the Captain's table. Because of that, I was glad I had brought my blazer and tie. These seats were given to the Tauck guests with the most Tauck trips. So if you have a number of trips behind you, I would come prepared.

    We had a wonderful meal with the Captain. We were served first and got premium wines. Other guests were not as happy with the Captain's dinner. Because it was one mass seating, rather than being staggered, the service got backed up and I think some of the food was a bit cool by the time it arrived.

    As an alternative, there is a second restaurant on the Ponant ships - "The Grill." It is less formal buffet style restaurant. As I recall, you need to reserve dinner space in advance, due to limited seating. If you want to avoid the dress up or are concerned about the service, this would be a good alternative for that night.

    Bon Voyage!
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    I believe the difference lies in the wording of the events. The Captain's welcome event is indeed a casual, festive event. The Captain's dinner found most gentlemen wearing a sports coat and tie. Those without costs and a tie were still welcomed warmly. While these are recommendations, it's still your vacation!
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    My husband gave up suits and sport coats when he retired. He figures when he is paying for a trip, he's entitled to be comfortable. A dress shirt and tie is the most he'll do.
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    I’ve done a number of Tauck trips. Africa and the Rocky Mountains are definitely casual attire. I’ve done two Tauck trips on boats, one on MS Savor on the Danube, and one on Le Soleal to St. Petersburg. I reviewed my pictures to discover that ‘almost’ everyone dressed for the special dinners ... dresses, and sportcoats and ties, some only sport coats with no tie. Some women wore ‘smart’ outfits with slacks. On the St. Petersburg trip BA had misrouted us and we never got our luggage, so one of our travelling companions loaned me a shirt, sportcoat, and tie. We happened to be the same size and he brought ‘two’ sportcoats. As said, it’s your vacation and you paid for it, so dress as you please, but I think you will see many people who dress for the ‘occassions’.
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    edited May 2018
    We had the same experience last month on the Blue Danube aboard MS Joy- 75% or more of the men wore blazers, sports jackets or suits to the Captain's Welcome and ashore at the Welcome Dinner at Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle, Dinner at Palais Pallavicini in Vienna, the Farewell Dinner in the Akademia Klub in Budapest. But whatever floats your boat : )

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