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Can anyone who has bee on this tour tell me if one of Tauck's "surprises" was going on the London Eye? I would like to book this beforehand, if not.


  • Not in 2013.
  • It doesn't sound like the kind of Tauck surprise we've ever gotten. Those are usually things like the TD buying everyone an ice cream or passing out some other local food treat.

    Am hoping to go on the London Eye next summer as well and looked into ticket options. You can book specific day/time, specific day or anyday within a 3 month period (prices range from 28 pounds to 38). Given the current exchange rate (thanx to the Brexit voters) now would be a good time to book if you're close enough to your trip.
  • We finished this trip the end of June. It was not part of the trip. Many did do it on their own.
  • Thanks for the replies. Did anyone on your June trip that went on the London Eye say comment on what they thought? Was it worth going, did they do the champagne flight?
  • I went on the LondonEye a couple of years ago, I believe it was in September but we did not pre-book and there was no wait at the time. We enjoyed the view very much and it was a beautiful clear day, you could see for miles. It's certainly worth doing. The only problem I could see for booking in advance, especially for a specific day and time, is that if it is a rainy dull day, you are not going to be able to see much. Looks as if the prices that Claudia quotes are expensive, so it would be a waste if it was a poor day. As you have such a small amount of free time in London, it might not be the best idea to pre-book, there are weeks and weeks worth of things to do and see in London. I am going there next month for 3 to 4 days and already have all the possibilities in order of importance to me that I want to do for this trip, I have the walking maps printed out from a great website I found, I don't just like to rely on my phone for this stuff in case there is an issue with it! I know I will not be able to see my entire list, but just in case or a site is closed or whatever, I have things already on my list to fall back on.
  • Did a little more research and the prices I quoted before are for Fast Track entry version not the standard queue (20 vs 45 - more during busy times). If you are willing to wait in the standard queue, the cheapest online ticket is 21 euros and the any time during a specific day is 27. The standard walk up and buy a ticket price is 25 euros. There is also a 40 minute river cruise you can add. Lots of good info on the londoneye.com website.

    As a test I tried to buy a standard queue anytime during a specific day ticket for tomorrow and it didn't seem to have a problem (ie. not sold out) so that may be the best option. Wait and see what the weather will be and buy it a day or 2 in advance. I wonder if anyone has asked a concierge for these tickets?
  • Anyone from New Jersey on the September 18, 2016 trip?

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