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I wear hearing aids. Does Tauck provide headsets that coordinate with them?


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    Call Tauck and ask them. The forum is not used by many people, so hearing from someone is a long shot.
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    The VOX units we've used on Tauck tours have ear pieces with a flat design that lays outside the ear canal - not like an ear bud that goes inside. It's can be used in either ear. If you look at it on the voxtours.com website you can see a picture. They claim on the website that it can be used with hearing aids.

    It uses a standard small single pin jack so you are free to use your own if you have one that works.

    Hopefully someone who's tried them with a hearing aid with pipe up here. If not, you can always call Tauck and ask.
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    Muleman68 wrote:
    I wear hearing aids. Does Tauck provide headsets that coordinate with them?

    I wear hearing aids and found they worked just fine with the units provided by Tauck.
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    edited August 2016
    To reinforce what Claudia said- you can use any headset having a standard plug with the Whisper/VOX.

    I don't wear hearing aides (yet) but my hearing isn't the best, so I take a set of earphones with me and use them whenever we use the whispers.

    Also, most audio guides provided at attractions around the world have an audio jack so you can use your headset with those too, instead of having to hold the whole unit up to your ear- I've done this on multiple Tauck tours- E,S&W, Classic Italy, Alps & Dolomites, Ireland.
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    Thanks to everyone for the quick responses. It looks like I'll not have a problem.

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