Young Children on Tauck Bridges



  • pinkshoes you will find lots of useful information on this forum (all threads not just this one), but by it's very nature you're also going to get lots more. AlanS said it well.

    If you want more "Rick Steves" type information, you might want to go to where most of the reviews seem to be written by semi-professional cruisers who give thorough reviews and have fairly realistic expectations based on taking lots of cruises on different cruise lines (unlike that seems to be filled with cranks). I don't believe they address the issue of children on river cruises though.

    You can "check out" or adjust your expectations. Your choice.
  • there is definitely lot of valuable contribution by families who travelled on the cruise & good data points.
    I most wholeheartedly, concur. But then you travel down the same old worn path:
    It has digressed into random rambling about parenting advice & free speech & everything else on the mind from those who have not been on this cruise or don't intend to take this cruise
    which is unproductive & a waste of time for those looking for tips & recommendations. I'm checked out.
    Fair winds and following seas.
  • As I am one of the original obnoxious and snobby people I think you refer to, yet again, I'd like to state that one of the original posts did make me re-consider a Bridges River tour. Clearly I would not want to risk too many noisy children, been there got the T-shirt, want quiet, but adventure and culture filled Tauck tours, being able to chose to mingle with others some days or enjoy a quiet romantic dinner other times with Mr. British, all possible and never been disappointed on one of their tours.
    I'm still unclear why pink shoes is so adamant about finding out about children's ages on the tour, would that influence her not to go, if say, hers were the only children.
    Pink shoes, please continue to post and you will see that sometimes the posts here can also be hilarious and totally useless information. If you don't agree with what you read, or it is not relevant, just bypass it. Even I have been given a second chance here when maybe I have been unintentionally OTT, like to check in often, and post a useless reply, a very helpful reply, or a very opinionated reply. I rarely look at my phone or do Facebook and it is kinda fun, like now while I sit and enjoy a cup of tea. Fortunately for all concerned, I keep a very low profile on tours, consider myself very well behaved and don't pester the tour guide so they can get a well earned break during these very well organized tours, where they are running around making things wonderful behind the scenes for the very small percentage of the Earth's population that can afford to have such great vacations. When our children were young we could not have afforded these River trips, we made do camping in France and the children mingled with the French, German, Dutch children in the nearby tents, we spent one day doing children focused things and the next maybe visiting a chateau for us. I have such great memories of those days.
    Meanwhile, I am so excited, we leave for a Tauck tour tomorrow!!!! Starting to practice the good behavior right now.
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