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  • I plan on booking this tour for September 2016. What does the "tour of London" include? Is it by coach?
    Thank you,
  • Just booked the July 30 departure. Now to patiently wait.
  • My family and I have booked this tour for July 30th. Is there any way for us to contact our guide with some questions about the itinerary and times? Thank you!
  • You could try calling Tauck and the agent may be able to give you a little more information, but they are unlikely to put you in touch with their Tour Director for this tour. They're pretty protective of their TD's. Also, you may have a local guide in addition to the TD for that portion and even the TD's don't always know who it will be.

    From the itinerary description I'd assume its a bus tour between leaving Hampton Ct and checking into the hotel.

    This is a new tour for 2016 so right there aren't many forum members who know the answer, but maybe later this summer some might pipe in and provide some info.
  • Cavalava, you should be getting a spiral booklet any day now, assuming you have made a final payment for the tour. That might give you a little more info. Then when you arrive for the start of the tour, you will be given a much more detailed itinerary, either for the entire tour, or every few days. Even at this point, the tour director may tweek start and end times for various reasons like unexpected heavy traffic, holidays, other members of the tour who are maybe tardy, so the call time may be earlier than planned to allow for stragglers, any number of reasons to keep to the schedule. I also doubt that Tauck will give you the name of tour director. They can change at the last minute, we have had that happen twice that we know of.
    I would also recommend calling Tauck, and if you have a specific day and time in mind, they might be able to give an answer. But often the nitty gritty of exact timing is left to each individual tour director based on their experience in the field.
  • I would suggest calling Tauck and asking if they can put you in touch with your Tour Director. There is no harm in asking. I did that before our Essence of Japan tour because I wanted to find out about doll stores that had good quality dolls. Tauck asked our Tour Director to get in touch with me -- which she did by email -- and we corresponded several times before the tour. Good luck!
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