August 5, 2017 tour

Does anyone have a more detailed itinerary for the London part of our journey? The information provided is fairly vague when they mention "Tour of London". we are extending and do not want to replicate venues.


  • I am sure this will be just a drive by tour, so to see everything properly you are not going to replicate anything. If you want to see the inside of Buckingham Palace, book now before it is too late, it's only open in the late summer.
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    Unless the description starts with "Guided" or "Private", e.g. "Guided tour of London" or "private tour of Buckingham Palace", the tour will be a narrated, bus "Drive by." Your itinerary for Day 12 says "city tour of London"- that is a drive by, but on Day 13 it says "Guided tour of . . ." with details of what it may include- could be more or less. You will have one or more local guides leading you around and more than likely everyone will have a personal listening device, a "VOX" or "Whisper", which are fantastic and make it so much easier to hear your guide, especially in crowded venues.

    It looks like this tour barely scratches the surface of all there is to see in London. There is so much more! I hope you are extending for more than one day. You can spend an entire day at the British museum alone. If you do go there, they have nice little guides if you have limited time, e.g. "Top 40 things to see"

    As British recommends, get tickets now (or months ago) for any 'on your own' excursions or attractions that require tickets. Churchill War Rooms, London Eye, Tower of London, etc., etc., etc. and be prepared for heavy tourist traffic.
  • Thanks for the clarification. We are extending 4 days and have Windsor Castle and The British Museum on our list and researching other options.
  • Do you realize Windsor Castle is not in central London? To make the most of your time, I would substitute that for the Tower of London, but book tickets in advance.
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