Tanzania: Serengeti to Zanzibar

Just wondering, Pacing is a 4. Appreciate anyone telling me how active we will actually be on the tour.


  • Hi, It really depends on what you mean by active. In terms of exercise you will get zero. In terms of getting up very early every morning including about 4am for the balloon ride, that’s what makes the tour ‘difficult’ Tanzania is my favorite country
  • joeunice wrote:
    Just wondering, Pacing is a 4. Appreciate anyone telling me how active we will actually be on the tour.

    Look at the ‘price’ page for your tour, go to the right of the price to see that yours is pace four, and activity 2. Click on the “What’s This”, and you will see the difinitions which I think are pretty accurate. I have not done the Zanzibar trip, but just looking at the itinerary, I have to believe that Zanzibar is probably an easier trip than K&T. That being said, I would say that a ‘pace four’ “vacation” means that you will arrive home more tired than when you left. (;-)
  • After all, it is and adventure, not a vacation!
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    This tour is wonderful but has changed a little since we took it in 2014. At that time the tour went to Tarangire which is an exceptionally beautiful area that has the legendary maneless male lions. Unfortunately I gather that some people did not care for the more basic camp in the area which we thought was fine, in fact it added to our experience. Too bad that the tour now misses out that area.
    I think this tour is much better value than the K and T tour, which I have taken too. For those on a budget, I recommend it. Zanzibar was worth seeing, but I don’t need to go there again. I can see why Tauck goes because people like the idea of traveling to see it, I think I would have preferred staying put in mainland Tanzania if I went again.the hotel in Zanzibar has also changed, sounds as if the Hyatt is better than where we stayed.
    Another thing to note, the balloon ride rarely gets cancelled here due to unsuitable winds, that happens fairly frequently on the K and T tour, so if it is at the top of your list of experiences take that into consideration.
    Is it an easier trip, well I don’t think so. When the K and T tour was staying for three nights st the Four Seasons, I thought what a waste of time to have so much down time when you could be out enjoying more safari, but Tauck changed that to two nights which I will prefer when I take that trip again next year with the add on of Rwanda.
  • Something for everyone. I had to rewrite this when I realized that you said your three night stay on K&T was at the Four Seasons. I would have thought that a bit much also. On our trip four years ago the three night stay was at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club ... which is my favorite place on the planet. Horseback riding, golf course, dogs, animal orphanage, beautiful grounds, maze, good food and drinks, and a welcome break to get a little rest. If it was a few thousand miles closer, I would dedicate a trip to just a week or ten days there. But, the trip we just did had only two nights at the Mt. Kenya Club, and three at the Masai Mara. I thought even four years ago that the Masai Mara deserved three nights. But in my review I suggested that they restore the three nights at Mt. Kenya, and keep the three nights at the Masai Mara, and extend the entire trip by one day. The major reason we did K&T a second time, versus Z, B, and SA, was that the latter only had a one week safari, and another four or five days of touring. The Zanzibar trip has even less safari, and a higher percentage of touring. If safari is what you want, I think K&T is the better choice. Of course, I lived in the middle east for several years, so Zanzibar has never been on my ‘to do’ list. I can appreciate that Zanzibar is a less expensive trip, but when you have travelled half way around the world, the additional cost is a relatively small percentage. If that is the controlling factor, I would look at OAT, or one of the other less expensive tour companies that I considered before I had the ‘Tauck’ experience.
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    Sealord, done OAT, omg never again—-you even have to pay for your Sundowner drink! When we did the Tanzania Zanzibar I counted the number of safaris and it was the same as the K and T for a lot less. I apologize, I mistook the three nights at Mount Kenya for the Four Seasons. I guess horses, dogs and golf are not my thing. We did not stay at either of those places then. When we took K and T, it was around 2006 and very different, we did more Safari on that tour than the current K and T. I guess I will be able to see the difference when we do the K and T next year.
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    I actually recorded each of our safaris and the guests in our vehicle. We did thirteen safaris not counting the horseback safari at Mt. Kenya. We actually saw many animals including albino zebras, which we did not see anywhere else.

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