hotel bed linens

This may sound strange, but I would like to know if the hotels have both bottom AND top sheet for the linens. On a Viking river cruise, they had "European" bed linens, meaning a bottom sheet and duvet for the top - no top sheet. I don't like sleeping under duvets until winter if at all.


  • We were on that trip last year and asked each hotel to change out the duvet for a sheet and blanket. No problem
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    We have just returned fron a group trip to England and Scotland, the only Brits on the trip of friends. One of the things we all laughed about was when one of the guys texted me from the second hotel to say that a sheet was missing. They only gave him a duvet. I explained that was normal procedure in the UK. I do so prefer the American way amd would never consider sleeping without the extra sheet at home. Vive la difference!
  • On our trip to Ireland this year there was a heat wave the later half of the tour and we were in a couple of hotels with no AC. No problem getting the hotel to add a top sheet.

    FYI, on the river cruises, housekeeping will do the same if you want.
  • Yup on all accounts. We have requested a second sheet on a number or tours and recent Blue Danube. I'm sure most/all hotels where Tauck tours stay will do this. After all, it is just another sheet- they should have plenty of them.
  • Thanks to you all - confirms my suspicions! Since we'll be staying in 6 hotels, I'm not sure it wouldn't be easier to bring my own (just kidding)!
  • I must confess I chanced buying a duvet cover in England while I was there, getting a British King to fit my American Queen. It was so pretty and much cheaper than an American cover.
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