How long does it take to receive the Evisas for K & T Safari?

We're on the Aug. 19 safari and yesterday I attempted to apply for a Kenyan evisa. I'm worried because I haven't received a response yet. The application required uploading copies of our passports, pictures, and the itinerary, The form asked for our hotel in Kenya (Amboseli Lodge) and for the form of transport and the point of entry. I had to guess at this last question. Does anyone know how long the evisa should take and whether we would get some kind of notice if our application had errors? The charges to our credit card seem to be in process. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


  • You should receive a response in about 7 working days. Tanzania takes about 10-12 working days.

  • Oh, wow. Thanks for letting me know! In previous posts, travelers had said it would take 24 hours. I'm glad I asked. Thank you again!

  • My Kenya application took three business days. Still waiting for Tanzania. So far it has been five business days.

  • We went through the recommended Tauck agent and got our paperwork in less than a week. Expensive but no hassle

  • Thanks, all, for the comments. I'll keep checking the status over the next few days. BTW, I'm getting error messages when trying to get into the tauck website.

  • My Tanzania application acceptance notice came today via email. It took six business days.

  • I know some become bewildered by the visa process, but if you use an agent you are still going to have to provide the same information. If one does their homework, and reads carefully, you can easily complete the process on your own, and you will save a bunch of money. If money is no object, use an agent ... but you will have to answer the same questions, and the agent will not necessarily ‘know’ the right questions, or provide the right answers.

  • To close the loop on this question, I received the Tanzania visa in an email after about 3 days. I did NOT receive an email for the Kenya visa. However, I saw on their immigration website that it was approved and was able to print our visas from the website. Fingers crossed that everything is in order when we arrive!

  • My neighbor who is going in October, said he got his Tanzania e-visa in 1 day and no questions about yellow fever etc. I hope it was correct~

  • Update: The Tauck rep told me that Kenya doesn't send their evisas in email. Everyone has to go to the Kenya website and print from there, which is what I did. HTH.

  • Confusing information for sure, wouldn't you say?? Ours took a little longer than planned but we got them and that is all that matters. Our TA sent them out to a company in DC, then they sent or brought them to each agency and the TA got them Wed am and overnighted them to us. Now we have the "pretty pictures" on our passports!

  • I applied for eVisas for my wife and me. Hers was received in 4 days. 27 days later mine was still pending. No one answered any of the phone numbers listed. What finally worked was an email to [email protected] They asked for my passport biographical page. I received my 22 minutes after my initial email to the embassy.

  • Came in last night... people with e-visas were fingerprinted and had photo taken, people with stamped passports just had photo taken, people coming in and getting their visas at the airport had a very very long line to wait. If time allows get a stamped visa.

  • We will be getting a stamped visa despite the extra cost. We have a short turnaround to get them after returning from another trip abroad. The only problem here is that if the transport to the hotel is for more than one or two people, you end up having to wait for the slowest person, plus, if your luggage does not arrive as happened to you, that is a delay while you fill out the paperwork.

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