Water shoes

Going on the Galapagos and Peru trip in October. Anyone have suggestions for a good pair of water shoes?


  • We took a cheap pair of water shoes or did bare feet on the wet landings depending on the terrain. then we changed into closed toe Teva type sandals or Merrill type full shoes. The ship has a shoe drying area.

  • We did the same. I hate to walk in any kind of shoe or sandal with sand on my feet or between my toes. So, even the water shoes were uncomfortable but bearable until we were out of the water and found a spot to sit and change into shoes/sneakers and socks.

  • Many on our trip believed the Keen closed toe water shoes were the best. We used Land's End shoes and they worked fine. They will tell you in advance whether it is a wet or dry landing. I did the same as British and Alan, that is wore the water shoes, dried my feet off and put real Merrill shoes on for the hiking.

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