We are going to Patagonia in October of 19.

I haven't seen current postings regarding this trip.

I have heard that it is a lot of bus rides. Anyone care to comment regarding this and would you go there (knowing what you do now)


  • Was on this trip over Xmas 2018. Fabulous trip. Yes, a lot of bus time. Patagonia is a large region.

    It will be cold (and windy) in October. Bring winter clothes.

  • We were on the tour last November, loved loved loved it. Yes some long rides but didn’t feel like that because scenery so beautiful which is what we went for. Yes, very very windy at times, three layers on legs, 4 on top half, 2 on heads. Would go again

  • You probably read my old review of the trip (we went in 2016). You do spend a lot of time getting places on this trip. With late dinners, the days can be very long. That being said, the scenery is beautiful. Most incredible glaciers I've ever seen (beats Scandinavia, the Alps and even Alaska). Patagonia is a unique destination, and worth a visit for that alone.

    After 15 trips, we've never had a Tauck trip that we've said, "Gee, I wish we hadn't done that." Our trips have ranged from great to amazing. That being said, this one is probably on the low side of the middle range (merely great), but trip preference is very individual. Our one thought when we came back was that maybe we should have done the trip with a more active tour company. We like to hike and didn't have enough opportunity for longer hikes on this trip.

  • Ken - First, just so you don't beat yourself up about it, I did look for a more active trip to Patagonia (I think we discussed this in another thread a year or two ago...) and couldn't find one that was both more active and not low on the amenity scale. For example, there was one that looked great from the outdoorsy perspective, but it included things like overnights on a bus.

    Second, there are always other options available. When we were in Torres del Paine, my daughter and her boyfriend (late 20s) and another family with three 20-something kids arranged with the TD to do a 9 mile hike, while the group did the standard tour through the park. As their hike was considerably longer than our activity, the TD helped arrange their public bus transportation back to the Singulair. So you just have to research alternatives, then ask.

  • You may want to look into REI Tours. Those might provide a good balance between activity and amenities.

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