Laundry Services During Classic Italy Tour

My wife and I are on the Classic Italy tour starting in August and we would like to know if the hotels have laundry facilities. This will help us plan on what we should pack for the trip. Any help and advice would be appreciated.


  • Hi Jerry,

    Yes, laundry services are available in the hotels on this trip for a fee. I hope you have a great time in Italy!

  • The least expensive to send out if in the little town we stayed at when we did Assisi. When we arrived you took what you had to the desk and they came back around 5 the next day I believe. Also, you know you are helping the economy of this little town. They use the local laundry.

    I still would not send out too much. I took shirts I could wash by hand and my underwear. I sent out a few pants and my socks mostly.
  • ok now that it is 2019, I would appreciate recent input on laundry services on the Classic Italy trip. 14 days is a lot to ask with one suitcase.....

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    Deesigner. We have never found a problem with packing just the one suitcase and 44 pounds, it just takes careful choices of clothing that is light in weight. It’s fine to wear things more than once, no one notices or cares. Our next tour is almost 3 weeks and I am not concerned. Less to get lost too. If you do need laundry doing, again. If you go to the website for each hotel, they will tell you if laundry services are available. It does take careful planning because you only stay in each hotel for about two days, so you often have to get the laundry into production as soon as you get to the hotel so it will be back before you leave. Have fun in Italy.

  • For longer trips we try to pack at least a few items that can be sink washed and dry overnight. Lightweight fabric blends - not cotton. Love it when the hotel has heated towel racks.

    As British said many of the hotels will list whether they have laundry service. I only remember one that wasn't expensive though.

    You can also search in the area near the hotel for laundromats. I go to Google, bring up the map with the hotels address, then use the "Nearby" button to see if there is anything within walking distance. Then it's just a matter of finding time.

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    Your choices are the hotel service (usually expensive). Perugia occurs about mid-tour. As Claudia suggests you might want to Google "lavanderia" (laundromat) in Perugia." It looks like there are some in Perugia, but since the Borgo dei Conti Resort is about 20 minutes outside of town, you'll need a car or taxi- not worth the hassle. Last resort is to take some travel packets of laundry soap and do a few essentials in the hotel sink or tub. You spend two nights there so if you do it upon arrival, the items will have enough time to air dry. The tour stayed in a different place several years ago, I got side tracked and did laundry late- we had to use the hair dryer to get some socks fully dry.

  • I always carry some DIY cosmetics including soap: it's made of soap & melt clear/transparent ingredients and I absolutely got used to it.

  • Usually the TD's know of a convenient drop off laundry in places where you stay 2 nights or more...they deal with these issues, too :-)

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