Photo gear

Does Tauck provide and photo gear with there tour vehicles. Do they provide a ****bean bags**** with the vehicles to rest your camera gear on?


  • No, Tauck does not provide photo gear of any sort for personal use- no cameras, tripods, bean bag stabilizers, etc. On some tours certain equipment is available for the group to share, e.g. one night vision scope per vehicle during African safaris.

  • Glen, I’m not sure how popular you are going to be with all that gear. With the pop up vehicles there is not going to be room for you to take up so much room if the vehicle has a full compliment of six people. I’m waiting to see how many people have big cameras since it’s so common for people to use their cell phones. On my last tour my husband and I were the only people with biggish cameras. We had a guy on that tour who has a degree in photography and he uses a cell phone now.

  • This picture gives you some idea of the type of cameras used during our Classic Safari trip in 2015.

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