Itinerary change in Essence of South America tour 2020 vs 2021

I'm interested in this tour for January, 2021, but noticed that the itinerary has changed significantly, deleting a major Chilean destination, Bariloche. In addition, the number of tour days has dropped from 14 to 11, while the cost of the tour has remained the same at $8990.
Just an FYI for anyone considering this tour. Go in 2020 unless you just want to be ripped off in 2021.


  • Oops, correction to my original post. Cost for 2021 has increased for the classic tour from $8990 to $9890, so it's even more of a gouge than I first thought.

  • I also noticed the change in the itinerary. I was on this tour last year and I thought the time spent in the upper Patagonia, from Puerto Varas to Bariloche and crossing the Andes by boat was the highlight of the trip. Looking at the reviews for this trip, it appears that was the case for a great number of travelers.

  • We were going to take the original tour, but not now. We’ve been to Patagonia and would have loved a chance to see a little more there too. The other thing that surprised me is exactly the same one day itinerary in BA going to the Silversmith and Horse Whisperer. Here on this forum, several people did not like that day. We enjoyed it. But the original tour did not do the day but went to other sites not repeated on the Patagonia tour, which is another reason we wanted to take the old tour. Generally speaking, Tauck does not appear to repeat days on similar tours, I guess so that people would still be interested in going to the same area. Of course the main reason to take this tour for us was Iguazzu Falls. Whoops, spelling!
    One more thing, we were caught up in the riots in Santiago last year and had a tear gas experience. There are similar troubles there now, right near the hotel where we were sitting when we had to evacuate to the back of the hotel because of the gas which affected our eyes and throats.

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