Has anyone who has done this trip seen tigers while in Bandhavgarh National Park? If so, what time of year did you go? Were you able to get good photos or videos?


  • We were on this trip on February/March of 2017. We were lucky enough to have a couple of tiger sightings but it is pretty much hit and miss if you will see any. There is an abundance of wild life in both Bandhavgarh National Park and Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Here are a few photos taken by me and another tour member.

  • We were on his trip from Dec 15 to 30, 2019. We had great game drives in Both Chitwan and Bandhavgarh National Parks. The elephant game drive in Chitwan was quite a fantastic experience. We were lucky to have tiger sighting on three (out of total of five) game drives in Bandhavgarh NP. It is indeed a "hit and miss" type in the search of tigers!!. Other fellow travelers in other jeep had only one tiger sighting. In order to get good photos, one need a camera with telephoto lens. My is 100 - 400 mm telephoto lens.

  • Thank you both, so much, for sharing your fantastic pictures. I am all about photos and I do have a 400 mm lens. I hope I will be as fortunate as you two in my Tiger sightings. Clearly lots of other wonderful animals to take pictures of, so even without Tigers, it would be quite fun. MMC95120 - what is that blue bird in your first picture?

  • I see that MMC95120 has only posted the once. It’s some kind of flycatcher Mr. B thinks.

  • Hi, CatLover8, The name of the blue bird in the picture is Indian Roller. Have a great time over there.

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    Not unlike the Lilac Breasted Roller of Botswana (often incorrectly labeled as the national bird of Botswana. The kori bustard has that title :) )

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