Dates for 2022?

Hi! We are looking to do our first Tauck trip in April 2022. Any idea on when they publish trip itineraries for the next year?


  • You might start seeing dates in the fall or winter. Prices probably next summer. At least that's been the norm. Who knows with the current situation.

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    It depends on the particular tour. Departure dates, prices, and itinerary are posted for a year's worth of departures. Some may be published only a year to a year and a half prior to the new year, while others may be posted two years in advance. There is no "all tours release date." Often a Tauck agent will be able to tell you roughly when the expected release date for a particular tour should occur, sometimes not. Sometimes a tour and dates will be published before prices and itinerary have been finalized- it will say "Call for Details" in the price column like the 2022 Kenya & Tanzania Classic Safari tour at this link. What makes things interesting, a number of the departure dates of popular tours sell out before prices and itinerary have been finalized. Then there are special cases- the first year of the recently reinstated Jordan & Egypt tour was published only 9 months early.

    Starting a year or two early, I make note of the release dates for tours on my wish list. When I am ready to book I start looking a month or so prior to the suspected release date if Tauck hasn't been able to tell me. You can figure prices will increase from year to year, but if I want to take a tour and hope to get a particular departure, I do not wait for prices. Also don't forget, tours can go away or be significantly changed from year to year.

  • Years ago, once published dates had dipped, more dates were added. As recently as a couple of years ago, one Tour Direction said Tauck still does that so it’s always worth calling to express interest on what looks ro be like a sold out year as they may add another date. Going forward, I don’t know how things will be done. I think destinations may be limited.

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