Classic Italy 9/29/20

Anyone know if our trip will go as planned? After being canceled in April 2020 I won’t let myself get too excited.


  • I would expect that you will hear soon, either directly from Tauck or via an update to their website that applies to all tours through a specific date.

  • Kathy0529 and I are on the same Switzerland trip in Sep.and have been private messaging. She was told this morning by Tauck that they were meeting this week to see what if any trips could be salvaged. Hopefully we'll all get an answer soon.

  • Our country is the laughing stock of the entire planet right now. I don’t know how we can turn this crisis around.

  • They cancelled our trip here in America that was set to leave that same week- I can’t imagine they’d cancel one here in the States and have one go in Italy. Europe sees the mess we’re in and the disrespect many have for this virus. I’m just hoping to be able to travel by the Spring

  • We were likely on your trip for April 2020 as well, major bummer and still working on refunds. I guess it’s good to be optimistic, but frankly I’d be surprised. We still haven’t rebooked because we see no way things are going to get better without a vaccine.

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