Cancelling a booking for 2 vs 1 guess

Hello everyone..
Just a question, I have a double booking reservation and travel ins. as well, but I'm afraid the other person traveling with me will not get the vaccine on time ... so, If he cancels could I still go on the tour as a solo traveler paying the cost difference? or would I loose the entire reservation because Tauck has cover the solo travel space on a particular departure?
Please advise .


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    Mil, as you have travelled with Tauck quite a bit, they may take that into consideration even if their ‘rules’ are something different. I think it’s best you call them just to enquire. Which Tour are you talking about, if it’s in the next few months I’m pretty sure it will be cancelled anyway. It also depends on where you are going, have the people there had the vaccine. can Americans travel there etc etc.

  • Mil - I would definitely call Tauck. On my last trip, my friend’s companion cancelled his ‘spot’ several weeks prior to departure for health reasons. He had insurance thru Tauck. My friend went anyway and was charged the ‘single supplement’ differential.

  • Hi Nancy
    Yes, that would be fair for them to honor the other traveler and the single supplement is of course something that should be paid.

  • Just make sure if the other person cancels that they make it clear you aren't and follow up with a call to Tauck immediately so they don't give you spot to someone on the waiting list.

  • Yes, what Claudia says happened to us. Our friends called to cancel, they made it clear that we were not cancelling, but Tauck cancelled us. First we knew was an email from Tauck saying how sorry we had canceled. Thank goodness we noticed, we called Tauck Immediately and they reinstated us on what was a popular and sold out tour, Iceland. I am pretty sure that they had already given our place to someone else because they were very flustered. I’ve moaned about this before on the forum. I recommend never linking your bookings with anyone else in case this happens to you.

  • British ,it would be the Jordan & Egypt: Petra to the Pyramids tour on May 16.
    I'm just looking at all the scenarios.. it is actually early to know if we'll be able to flight out of U.S since the vaccination plan is precarious and going at a snail's pace.... or if my friend will have his vaccination shots done. This having to wait on others ... drive me NUTS!!!!
    But it just downed on me if he cancels... what will happen... I want to go! :)))
    Let's hope that the new Adm... CDC and everyone involved carries out a plan that works and will be fulminating against the Covid. so we can go back to some normality before the summer.

  • Well, you can guess what I think. I know the Israel and Jordan tours up to the February 25th are canceled. I can’t believe for one minute the countries on your tour will have their people’s vaccinated. I wonder if Tauck will visit countries where the people are not vaccinated, does anyone fancy calling Tauck to find out? Does anyone know what the mask wearing policies are in these countries? I’m not calling, because I know tours through June are extremely likely to be canceled. It’s just not possible to vaccinate the US population so quickly, there’s too many of us. Even iis older people have millions ahead of us in the line. You are very lucky to have gotten your vaccinations Mil, but I don’t think it will make a difference as to whether the tour will go or not.

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