Spirit of the Desert

Going on Spirit of the Desert June 10th 2021 what type of weather should we expect and any other travelers going then also???


  • Very Hot in lots of places. You will only get cooler temperatures when you are at altitude. June is the hottest month in Arizona because it is before the monsoon season (Officially decreed to be June 15th - September 15th. It used to be based on dew point readings over a certain number of days. It was too hard to understand so they simply decreed the dates). You can expect temperatures in excess of 100 on a regular basis.

  • If you want to feel cooler, think in Celsius. Then it will be in excess of 38 on a regular basis.

  • But, as they always say, "it's a dry heat!"

  • During that time of the year, 'Dry' such that a grape becomes a raisin. Start of the tour you will feel like a grape. At the end of the tour more like a raisin. :D

  • There is a point of hot and dry where you literally feel the moisture being sucked from your body. Was at Lake Powell once when it was that hot.

  • My crew flew from NAS Fallon, NV to Nellis AFB near Vegas to pick up a passenger. Our EA-6B had a minor technical problem with the brakes when we arrived that prevented us from taking off again. The Air Force techs were unfamiliar with our aircraft, so we went out in the very hot but dry weather to visually check all the wiring and connectors we could access, before calling Fallon to have them send another plane and a tech. We were wearing full flight suits and were really hot, not unbearable so, but we spent about an hour in the heat. We didn't find the problem but by the time we headed back to the maintenance shack we were all feeling really bad. One of the AF guys said we were probably dehydrated. After drinking what seemed like gallons we all felt much better. Really quick onset and quick relief.

  • Had a bout of heat exhaustion in Japan years ago. Hot and humid. Ever since, it doesn't take much heat before I start feeling bad. Just have to find water, shade and a seat.

  • And on a positive note, in moderate dry heat, here in Colorado, when I bicycle, the sweat never reaches my eyes. It has evaporated somewhere on my forehead on the way down. I love the dry climate, as long as it's less than 90F.

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