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Here is the link to a really great website (blog): I came across today about traveling in Egypt.

It has wide ranging topics organized under a variety of areas and subject matter. Unfortunately topics are not always in the most logical place so you might spend time looking for a topic. Make sure you note the links to additional pages at the bottom of many pages. You may not always agree, and he doesn't cover everything. Also, in his overview of he often leaves out important details, e.g. under Luxor, he doesn't even mention the fabulous tomb of Nefartari in the VOQ- you need to go to the specific VOQ pages. But it is still one of the best single sources of info I have found to date.

It is generally up-to-date with sections about the recent discoveries in Saqqara, Luxor, etc. The information is especially helpful if you will be spending time on your own before, during, or after your Tauck tour. Make sure you read what is said about the "right" taxis, "super aggressive Taxi Jumpers", camel and other scams, on the second page of the "Travel Advice" section:

Under the "Cities & Regions" / "Luxor" sub-section about Luxor temples, VOK/VOQ, etc., the author talks about hotels (and his favorite- Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa). We stay on the river boat, but his discussion includes this quote which I found not only humorous, but I think near universally true:

"First, Now here’s an insider tip about all hotels in Egypt – if you come across a hotel named after a pharaoh, that’s a pretty consistent hint that it’s a dump. Anything called the King Tut Hotel or the Cleopatra Resort or the Ramses Inn… avoid those. Those are just fictitious example names I came up with and not the names of actual properties I know about, but hopefully you get the point."

The blog spell-check isn't always the best, but the writing is clear, very informative, includes color photos, and includes humorous observations like the one above and photos like the one below which rivals holding up the tower of Pisa. :D


  • AlanS, great Blog for those that are just starting to do their homework.

  • Now I just need to remember everything I've read over the last 3 years!!!

  • This is incredibly helpful! Thank you for sharing.

  • milmil
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    Loves2travel2 Hi, following AlanS great info., he's always very helpull, these are other web-sites that I have looked into for info.


  • I just received the July/August issue of Smithsonian Magazine. The cover story is entitled "The Secret Tombs of Saqqara." You might want to check it out.

  • Thanks- an interesting read!! It sounds like the entire area is honeycombed with tombs for people and animals!

  • Alan - interesting blog, with some helpful articles. However, if you look at it carefully, it is a tour company's website/blog.

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    You don't need to look carefully, it states it right on the first page of the website and he mentions it throughout. As far as I can see it is not a marketing scam and focused more on providing guidance than soliciting business. Sure there are some places he says, "If you want to avoid XXXX (hassle) you can book a tour with YYYY, but that in no way diminishes his other info and suggestions. I mean, heck, if you discount any blog that receives some sort of commercial compensation (which is why they blog in the first place), you would need to avoid, FlyerTalk, The Points Guy, OneMileatatime, etc. and just about every travel blogger on the internet.

  • Alan - I found the Egypt Travel Blog a fun read with potentially useful information. His October 31 Blog, "Solid new intel on a possible GEM opening date" helped us decide to book the November 14, 2022 Jordan and Egypt tour. We realize it could still be postponed, but the early November opening does make sense. MCD - Thanks for the link to the Smithsonian article. We're watching the "Tomb Hunters" Smithsonian series. Also, just made res. for the first leg of our IAD - Heathrow - Amman flight. Using British Air vouchers from a previous COVID spoiled trip. Very easy to use and still have enough $ in vouchers for the Heathrow to Amman flight. Taking EgyptAir's direct flight home - Cairo to IAD. We'll spend two extra nights in Cairo to take advantage of the very reasonable flight available on Mondays.

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