Photo Contest?

Does Tauck still sponsor a photo contest? If so, where are rules?


  • My recollections are the link was on the bottom of the Tauck home page, but I searched and I can't find a link to or any mention of the photo contest. Perhaps the photo contest is another victim of the pandemic.

    You could call or submit a question, via the Contact Us link on the Tauck home page, to find out for sure.

  • I googled "tauck photo contest" and got this link to the current contest info:

    So yes, they are still doing it. It used to be info you could find in the hardcopy green books, but wasn't included in this years digital green books.

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    Thanks Claudia!

    As I've posted many times, despite all the corporate negatives, in a case like this Google is your friend. :D

    It is a bit ironic that second place is a photo of the Tauck dinner at the Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey! Until Greece and Turkey make nice again, the Treasures of the Aegean tour is not stopping there! Taucktourians have reported that it was one of the highlights of that tour. Hopefully we'll get to find out next May.

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