Looking for feedback, October 15, 2022 departure

Hoping I can get some feedback from those who have been on this tour. I'm scheduled for the 10/15/22 departure and am taking my Gift of Time day to arrive the day before. The tour ends in Nairobi at the Nairobi Serena day room with both lunch and dinner on that day before flights home. Is there any time for any sightseeing in the afternoon? The only thing I'd really like to do there is go to the Karen Blixen Museum. Has anyone been there? Is it worth the effort? Is the dinner like a farewell dinner or is everybody doing their own thing on their own schedule? Supposedly the farewell dinner is the day before at the Fairmont Mara.

Has anyone stayed in Nairobi and would you recommend a night or two there?

I want to go on to Zanzibar and spend a week or so there. Don't know whether to just skip dinner and take the evening flight straight to Zanzibar. I'm a beach girl and the beach is my happy place although I get that it's not everyone's cup of tea. I remember reading somewhere on the forum that there's not much to do in Zanzibar and guests were disappointed with Stone Town. Tauck uses the Park Hyatt in Stone Town but I'm thinking I'd like to be on the other side of the island, maybe the Paje Beach area. Anyone with any experience there? Has anyone done any independent travel beyond the tour that Tauck has assisted you with in making arrangements or have you done them on your own or with travel agent?

We are still almost a year out and I'm hoping that there will be some sort of normalcy but also wondering if it would be too risky to go it alone. I am a solo traveler and at 76 not sure how many more times I'll be able to get back to Africa. I've been looking at airfare using Qatar and would like to lock in a good deal while it's available but have concerns that the pandemic may continue to add complications to international travel a year from now.

Thoughts? Thanks.


  • At the end of K&T, we stayed an extra night in Nairobi (we were going to Cape Town and the only non-stop flight was in the early morning). After lunch, we hired a driver through the hotel and went to the Karen Blixen Museum. It was an interesting way to spend a few hours. They did offer guided tours which I would recommend. We also went to Giraffe Centre in Nairobi - you could feed them and have a close-up moment in a ‘zoo-like’ setting. But after seeing them in the wild, it was uninspiring.

  • Thank you, Nancy. Kind of what I thought.

  • We did the Tauck Tanzania Zanzibar tour a few years back. A couple of days was enough. They stay at a much nicer hotel now than when we took the tour. Tauck took us on a spice tour which was fun and a sail on a dhow to an island. And a tour of the town. Don’t go if it’s during Ramadan it is mainly a Muslim country, I don’t know if there are clothing rules for foreigners. I don’t need to go again or I would take the Tanzania Zanzibar tour again.
    You might want to think about switching to Tanzania Zanzibar tour, which also goes to the Western SERENGETI that K and T don’t do. There are famous maneless lions there and lots of elephants and the trip is so much more authentic Safari…well it was when we went, maybe they have changed the accommodations . One of the drives from one camp to another was one of the most beaches scenic drive I have ever been on, lots of plants and wonderful baobab trees that you don’t see so much on K and T.
    Personally, I think you might find just a few days in Zanzibar enough. Maybe have a beach vacation elsewhere.
    Oh, if you are a fan of Freddie Mercury, you will see where he lived and you can buy Tinga tinga art which is fun, I have a couple of pieces. If I was home I’d send you a picture of mine to give you an idea.

  • Thanks, British. I did look at the Tanzania Zanaibar tour but really wanted K&T and also wanted the beach time in Zanzibar. Still not sure what I will do but appreciate the feedback. I'd like to take advantage of the Qatar current rates so don't have a whole lot of time to dither.

  • Voikk32: British makes great points but if you want to see animals in the wild, K&T does not disappoint. We extended the trip by going to CAPETOWN. It was fantastic. Much to do and see. We were there in their winter (July) so not exactly beach weather. We took a direct flight from Nairobi - about 7 hours.

  • Thanks, Nancy. I have been to Capetown and would definitely consider going back at a future date. I've heard negative things from people about Capetown but for the life of me couldn't figure out why once I'd been there. It's been 2 lost years since my last international trip and I am so missing it.

  • Just as many animals to see in Tanzania. It’s just that Kenya has always done a better job at publicity than Tanzania. I’ve taken K and T twice too.

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