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Is a Rapid PCR test acceptable for travel to Jordan or do we need to have the standard PCR test? The labs in our area say it's 2-4 days for test results with the standard test. If we have to be tested within 72 hours of departure we may not get our results in time. We are traveling on American Airlines from Charlottee through London Heathrow. Thank you.


  • Hi happytraveler. I’m headed on The Jewels of the Nile trip in 2 weeks. Your green book on page 4 gives you the specifics for testing. You need to find a lab close to the airport that caters to international travelers. I’m departing from DFW to London and then Cairo. I found a lab that will give me results in 30 minutes with proper signatures and a QR code. There may be testing at the Charlotte Airport too. It’s a RT-PCR test. I also spoke to Tauck a couple of times too, to help with timing. London Heathrow has a form you will need to fill out just to transit thru the airport. You should find a link on that’s tied to your flight itinerary. That form can only be filled out 48 hours before travel. It’s complicated, but I’m sure worth it. Im paying $225.00. I’ve heard of others paying over $300.00. You’re on a great trip- Jordan is amazing. Wait till you see Petra! Good luck!
    There are some great reviews from the trip your on, so check out some of the threads.

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    Do you mean the Rapid Antigen Test vs PCR test?

    Tauck says, "Based on the experience of thousands of guests who have traveled with us this year, we highly recommend that all guests traveling internationally take a PCR test within 72 hours of departing to help ensure smooth travels."

    The destination section for J&E tour, , says this:

    "For entry into Jordan,
    All travelers must bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, such as the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, indicating full COVID-19 vaccination (14 days after receiving the final dose).
    Additionally, all travelers must bring proof of a negative result from a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding the aircraft from the first point of departure to Jordan. Both forms of proof must be shown at time of boarding.
    All guests must bring proof of valid health insurance. This must be shown at the time of boarding.
    All travelers must fill out the Travel to Jordan Declaration Form at to receive a QR code for entry. The QR code is to be shown at the airline counter before boarding. All guests must upload their proof of vaccination on in advance of departure."

    Check the Walgreen's in your area. The one in Greenville, NC does the standard PCR test and provides same-day results. Also Rapid Diagnostics in South Charlotte says they can provide results of RT-PCR Test (Molecular/NAAT) in less than 2 hours.

    Also, make sure you read the info at the Jordan links above about entry requirements and the forms and QR code requirements.

  • On the Points Guy this morning, there is an article about how easy it is to get the different types of Covid testing free in New York City, I’ve put a link here. Maybe I’ll take a trip to NY the day before I go to Israel😀

  • Thank you. This information is just what I was seeking. Much appreciated

  • Another clarification please. Some of the labs providing RT-PCR tests do not provide a QR code. Is a QR code required for check in at the airport or does any lab report suffice?

  • I "think" any PCR (not quick one) test will do within the 72 hours, then you go to the Jordan site and register and send the results. Then they send you the Qr code to print and show on arrival.

  • I see Charles and Camilla are taking a Royal tour of Egypt and Jordan, I think it’s next week, I’ll try and find out when. Hope it doesn’t close some of the sites

  • LONDON, Oct 25 (Reuters) - British heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles will visit Jordan and Egypt next month in the first overseas tour by a senior member of the royal family since the COVID-19 pandemic started, his office said on Monday.

    Charles, 72, will be accompanied by his wife Camilla for the four-day trip which is due to begin on Nov. 16.

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    His office, Clarence House, said the visit to Jordan, which will include a welcome from Jordanian King Abdullah and Queen Rania, was to mark Jordan's centenary and the importance the British government placed on its relationship with the Middle Eastern nation.

    "The prince will focus on environmental issues, inter-faith dialogue, heritage preservation and the creation of jobs and opportunities for young people," Clarence House said. "The duchess will continue her commitment to supporting women, as well as girls’ education."

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    The tour will conclude with a visit to Egypt which coincides with the end of Britain's hosting of the United Nations climate change summit COP26 and Egypt's nomination to assume the COP27 presidency, Charles's office said.

    During the trip, the royals will meet President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the Grand Imam of Egypt’s al-Azhar

  • Too bad they didn't use their visit as a carrot to get Egypt to complete the GEM quicker. :D

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    Hello happy traveler,
    I live in Shelby NC. Just traveled with Tauck in October 2021. Went on Blue Danube Cruise. We used CVS for PCR COVID test. Obtained results in approx 30 hours. Please read my recently posted comments here in the Tauck forum for more detailed info. Did not have to pay for COVID TEST- we listed our insurance info when we scheduled the COVID test.

  • The trouble with 30 hours is that if you have a long flight and layover, will it be acceptable?

  • To enter Jordan the requirement is a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding the aircraft from the first point of departure to Jordan. So for J&E the flight time and layovers don't eat into the COVID test turnaround time.

  • Unfortunately, some countries do not accept it that way, it really varies. Some want no more than 48 hours before you enter the country, that is what we are facing for one of our tours.

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