Extension Cords for Europe!!

I remember reading on these forums that many of you take an extension cord with you to Europe. We've never done this. We just take Electric Adaptors from the Rick Steves site (they are a great deal at $1 each). All we charge are our phone and our Anker external phone battery.

I'd love to know WHY you all take an extension cord? What convenience does it offer you? Which one you recommend? I assume you plug it into an electric adaptor and then have to plug adaptors into the bar also? Or is this an extension cord made for EU?

I learn so many great tips and ideas here, I feel like we are missing something by not getting an extension cord.



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    We only take phones and ereaders so adapters alone are enough. But for those who also take laptops, cameras, etc I can see the need for a multi-outlet with a longer cord. Tauck ships have been fine for providing plenty of outlets of different types but hotel rooms have sometimes been challenging. More than once I've had to crawl around trying to find an outlet to use, had to lay my phone on the floor to reach an outlet, etc.

  • These days there are many options for travel adapters with multiple outlets that don't require a bulky cord. I just got this one from Amazon. It has three US style outlets and three USB outlets. It's rated for 100-240v so you can use it anywhere with the proper plug adaptor. I also have a somewhat larger one that has two US outlets and three USB outlets and has interchangeable plugs for most countries. To each their own, so if you have a solution you're happy with, great.

  • We usually take an iPhone, two iPads, and two cameras, so theoretically might need to plug in 5 power modules/chargers at the same time. With a multi-outlet power strip we can charge most of them at the same time. The newer power strips also come with USB-A and USB-C sockets too, so we can also leave most, if not all, power modules at home and only need to take one plug adapter.

    I usually take two batteries for each camera, and swap them after each game drive or excursion so I will always have a fresh battery in the camera. A few years ago during B,SA,Z., I unfortunately left the charger for my Canon DSLR in my suitcase when we switched to duffel bags. Luckily I had to two fresh batteries, but I just barely made it to Cape Town before both were drained. No one on tour or in the camps had a camera that used the same battery or charger! It is slow but at least I can charge the GoPro battery when it is in the camera.

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    Here’s the extension cord I’m using right now, I’m on vacation. Later on, We’ll be adding our two iPads to it as well

  • One advantage of what I'll call "cluster charging" is it's more likely that everything will be remembered when it's time to pack up. (Alternatively a major "cluster f___" if you don't )

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